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Patten: Wide Receivers in 'Underdog' Role

Wide receiver David Patten is new here...and he likes what he sees. The three-time Super Bowl champion formerly with the New England Patriots has helped add a dimension of speed to the Redskins' receiving corps. He spoke with reporters during this weekend's mini-camp.

Q: What are your overall impressions on the receiving corps?

A: "We're pretty fast. But we don't feel like that. We feel like we're underdogs. A lot of people aren't talking about us. 'Who is David Patten?' We have to come out and prove ourselves."

Q: Do you always play with a chip on your shoulder?

"I'm a nine-year vet, won a few Super Bowls, but the so-called experts still don't believe. The Redskins have made a commitment to me and my biggest concern is I don't want to
come in here and let them down."

Q: How do you see the playing time amongst the wide receivers working out?

A: "Hopefully we have four guys like we had in New England. When you have multiple weapons it's tough to defend that. When you have one or two guys, teams can come in and take those guys away and that can hamper the offense."

Q: The focus has been on speed, but what about the toughness of this wide receiver corps?

A: "Forget about speed, forget about quickness, if you're not tough you're not going to be any good."

Q: In practices at mini-camp and OTAs, has there been a concerted effort to get the ball downfield?

A: "That's a concern of Coach Gibbs. He wanted to bring in some speed, some guys that could get down field. He believes we can get that done. Hopefully in a month and a half, two months, we can make that happen."

Q: What are your thoughts on quarterback Patrick Ramsey?

A: "He's a young guy. His best days are ahead of him. From what I hear, his play is a lot different from last year. I bet he's more comfortable after a year in the offense. He has all the tools to work with, he's only going to get better."

Q: Does Patrick Ramsey need to adapt to your speed, or do you have to adapt to his throwing motion?

A: "He has to learn our speed, our tendencies. He has a tougher job. My job is pretty simple."

Q: What was the most important thing that convinced you to come play in Washington:

"An opportunity to come to a team that believes I can be a difference maker. Eight years I've been working for this opportunity and my goal is to come out and set the league on
fire. The biggest thing is opportunity. And that's what has been given to me here. These guys are going to be looking for me to make the play. Today I got down on myself because I didn't have a very good day. I've always felt like if I was given the
opportunity I could do some great things."

Q: Having come from a Super Bowl champion, what's your outlook on this team?

A: "We have a great bunch of guys. Good attitude. The guys work so hard. We're not where we want to be. We're not supposed to be right now. But it's going to be day in and day out and I believe we have those type of players and coaching staff. Eventually
we're going to get where we want to be."

Q: What are the differences between Coach Gibbs and Coach Bill Belichik:

A: "It's night and day. They're both great in their own ways. Both go down in history in the Hall of Fame. One's already there, one in time. I'm excited about playing for Coach Gibbs. I feel like he's a coach you want to go out and play for."

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