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#PickSix: Predicting Roles And Training Camp Surprises

Temarrick Hemingway runs downfield after securing a pass during practice. (Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team)
Temarrick Hemingway runs downfield after securing a pass during practice. (Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team)

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We're in the thick of training camp in Ashburn, Virginia, and fans are clamoring to get all the details on how Washington is performing. So, let's get to it

Here's what Washington fans want to know.

@XzavierBlackmo1: How much better do you think this offense is compared to last year's offense?

If it looks anything like it did during Thursday's practice, I would say that it'll look much better. Both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Taylor Heinicke looked great directing offense as they worked through the script in team drills. As far as talent goes, the amount of capital the team has invested at receiver seems to be paying off. Terry McLaurin obviously looks great, but so does Adam Humphries and Dyami Brown. While the unit overall is still young, another year in the system seems to be benefiting everyone.

@maxdecoy72: Who are the biggest surprises thus far in camp? And more info on Dyami Brown?

I wouldn't necessarily call him a surprise, but Steven Sims has been quietly putting together an impressive camp. He had a couple of great over-the-shoulder catches from Heinicke today near the sideline. Sims also looks just as quick as ever with the ball in his hands. It's not to say that people have forgotten about him, but a lot of the attention has been on Washington's other new options. He knows last year was not up to his standards, so he's on a mission to change that. As for Brown, just check out this tweet below.

@Lilshi23d1: Any players that could be a surprise to make the 53?

I'll give you two names, one I've been talking about for a while and one I wasn't necessarily thinking of when camp began. The first is Dax Milne; like Sims, Milne has been stacking good days together. I was actually talking about this to one of the outside media members today, but it's hard to pinpoint a bad drop from him. He's always available, always has sure hands and been rotating in at punt return. He could be a practice squad player, but it wouldn't surprise me if they found a place for him.

The other one is Temarrick Hemingway. He's developed a solid rapport with Fitzpatrick lately and made some impressive grabs. To me, he's in the conversation to be part of the tight end group this year.

Kareem D.: Have the coaches mentioned any concern about the depth at TE? Behind Logan Thomas are a couple of unproven rookies and also Reyes is injured. Could we see the team pursue any other veterans before the season starts?

Going along the lines of what I said in the previous question, I don't think there's any concern there. Hemingway has been solid, and Ricky Seals-Jones is back making some nice moves on the field. And don't forget about John Bates, either. Sammis Reyes is out right now, but the players who have been out there have taken advantage of their opportunities. Maybe they bring a veteran in after roster cuts, but that'll only happen if the other players don't prove themselves.

Patrick M.: Does Jaret Patterson have a shot to make the 53 man roster ? It's an interesting story for a small school product to be nearly breaking FBC records.

I think he's put himself in a good position, Patrick. He's exciting to watch and has some quickness to him every time he touches the ball. For him, the true evaluation will come during the preseason games. How is he going to look going against another defense, and where is he at in his development? Those questions will partly be answered next week. Also keep in mind that Lamar Miller and Peyton Barber are having good camps, too, so he's facing some tough competition against some proven veterans.

@ffintervention: What is Curtis Samuel's role in the offense and what will the secondary look like?

Once Samuel gets on the field, I expect him to be a piece that the coaches can move around all over the field. You need someone who can work out of the backfield? He can do it. How about a No. 2 receiver? That's well within his skillset. What if you need a deep threat? He was one of the best last year. He might be classified in one spot officially, but I'm sure they plan on getting the most out of his versatility. As for the secondary, the group has been fun to watch. They chirp at the receivers and fight for every pass. There's been a lot of rotation as well, which makes sense given how much talent is on the back end of the defense.