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Playoffs? Dallas Is Primary Focus

The Redskins are 5-9 on the season, but remarkably remain alive in the hunt for a wild card playoff berth. It's a long shot, to be sure, because the Redskins need plenty of help from other teams. For a look at the NFC conference standings, **click here**.

Head coach Joe Gibbs said on Monday that his team is more focused on this weekend's opponent--the Dallas Cowboys--than making the playoffs. But he admitted that the playoffs are not entirely off his radar screen.

"I don't really know how realistic it is to make the playoffs," Gibbs said. "I do know that we have a chance and that's all you can ask for. I think what has happened is that just about everyone in the NFC still has a chance--maybe only one team or so has been ruled out. At this time of year, with the type of year that we have had, to even have a chance is fun.

"But we are focused on Dallas. It is a big deal for us and we know it is a big deal for them. It's a big division rivalry and they won up here [in Week 3], so we're really focused on that."

Gibbs also stressed that he wanted players to focus more on finishing the season strong as opposed to making a drive for the postseason.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's critically important the way we finish this season," he said. "We're building something for the future. Every game is a test for us and we need to make improvement toward the end of the year. We want to see our players step up. I think that was critically important for us and I think it remains that way.

"Each one of our games is critical. As far as where we go and what we do and the playoffs--what's important to me is in every game having a great effort and trying to improve upon some things."

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