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Portis Addresses Dogfighting Controversy

On if he knew the comments he made on dogfighting would become an issue:

"A couple of weeks ago, when I made those comments, I didn't understand the seriousness behind it. I didn't know it would affect that many people and I didn't think what I said was that offensive. But after doing the research and seeing how serious people take this, I shouldn't have made the comment. I hope to just leave it alone and hopefully it will die down. At that time, I had no idea the love that people have for animals but I should have considered it when I made those comments."

On research done on the subject:

"I actually did. A lot of mail came in on how serious people take it. You see people crying over the whale getting stuck in a canal right after I made those comments. The seriousness of it--if you would have seen the whole interview, you would have seen that we were playing around and having a good time. The way they edit [the video], they took a lot out and people didn't actually get to see the body language we had in the video. It ended up being blown out of proportion. If you knew me, you would understand those comments, but being that a lot of people are quick to judge and not take the opportunity to see the person behind the scene, they wouldn't know that. I made those comments not knowing the seriousness of [the issue]."

On whether he feels he shouldn't have gone spoken on the topic:

"That issue--from now on I don't comment on anybody. My life is the only thing that I control. What other people do, I'm going to let them continue to do it. I'm going to leave my life at mine. I can't jump on any bombs for anybody else, I can't cover for anybody else. I don't know what's up with your life. All I know is what is going on in my life. That's what I'll speak upon, that's what I know about and that's what I'll stand behind."

On if he has talked with Michael Vick, who is reportedly under investigation for dogfighting:

"No, I haven't. He's got enough attention going on in his life that [he doesn't need] contact from me. So, I hope that he gets out of this situation and that it dies down and that he can just go out and play football."

On if he will consider getting a dog:

"I'm not even a pet person. I got fish, that's the easiest thing to keep up. I'm not a pet man, I've never really been into dogs, never dealt with dogs and I don't like playing with dogs. At the same time, I know that a lot of people [care for their] pets. I saw a woman carrying a dog through the airport and she took it out, gave it a blanket so the dog could run around. It had a little bowl of water and everybody came up and loved the dog. I was looking for [hidden] cameras to see if they were playing with me. The woman sat right beside me, took the dog out, and I'm looking around. I think that people treat animals like kids and I wouldn't say that about a kid, so I probably shouldn't have said it about animals."

On when he realized the seriousness and impact of the comments:

"When I was taking criticism over something that I had nothing to do with. If I'm going to get in trouble, it's going to be something that I'm involved in, it's not going to be for anybody else. I've never let anyone guide what I do in my life and I'm not going to start now. I'm almost 26 years old and I haven't gotten into trouble, so I must be doing something right."

On the health of his knee:

"My knee is fine, it's coming along. It'll be ready by training camp."

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