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Portis Proud Of Team's Playoff Run

On the disappointment of the outcome:

"People see us going home, it's the first round and we're out already. But as an organization and as a team we grew together--it's unbelievable. I think you'll be able to find a lot of guys in the offseason hanging out in camp with one another. So that's what you need to do as an organization, and I think we did that."

On whether or not the team was out of sync early:

"We knew this was a loud place coming in. You can't take anything away from their fans or this stadium. This is a great stadium. They had home field. That's what you fight to get for the playoffs so you can have that effect."

On how he's remember this season:

"You can't help but remember this season. Out of this season you take the positives, and the positives were you had a franchise grow together. You had a team come together. You had a bunch of guys go to build love for one another in appreciation of one another. That's the best thing that can for athlete in sports, because of the competitive edge or because of always changing teammates, with guys leaving and guys coming. It's hard to grow and it's hard to get used to guys. But I think as a team this organization turned from a team to a family. You found a lot of guys who developed a lot of love for one another. That's the best thing that can ever happen out of a season."

On the pride he feels for the team:

"I'm definitely proud of how the guys stepped up. I'm proud of how the guys fought. You never saw any finger-pointing all season long. To get that in the team, there were a whole bunch of guys taking and accepting responsibility. There were a lot of guys who had up and down seasons, myself included. For there never to be a diversion of players and teammates saying, ?C'mon, baby, we need you.' To keep motivating guys, to keep guys up, being willing to stand behind whoever it was who was struggling. You just tell them to pick it up and keep fighting and we'll stick together."

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