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Portis Ready For Playoff 'Opportunity'

On playing Seattle in the playoffs:

"It is just an opportunity. We know it is an opportunity. We have to find a way and go up and make the most out of it."

On if Portis or Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82) should get to throw the ball on trick plays:

"They need to lean on me with it. We have to let Seattle prepare for both of us. Hopefully they stick with me. I'm like five for five over my career. Randle El, his quarterback rating is horrible."

On who throws the better football between Portis or Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82):

"Me. You have seen the judgments. Let the people be the judge of that."

On how much more rounded is this team than the team in 2005:

"I think in 2005 we went to Seattle not knowing. That stadium was loud. The crowd was amazing. At that time they had a team that was outstanding. Going up there this time they still have the team and we should be prepared for the crowd. We know what to expect and we have the opportunity to go up there and win the game."

On if they are better offensively than in 2005:

"I think we are in good hands right now. We went up there with the same guys two years ago really and we let the game slip away. Right now I think we are ready."

On the pressure Seattle's defense puts on teams:

"Kerney (Patrick, DE, #97), Julian Peterson (OLB, #59), it is just the scheme. Those guys, they're not doing anything spectacular. They are getting free. They are beating their man and getting to the quarterback. They don't do a lot of confusion. They are not trying to fool you. You just have some guys who are going hard and getting to the quarterback."

On how much help does he have to give the offensive line when facing pass rush:

"It is not these situations that you really worry about because our offensive line, they know what they are competing against. You look at Chris (Samuels, OT, #60) and you look at Stephon (Heyer, OL, #74) and so far they have stepped up to the challenge. We don't see why this weekend would be any different."

On if he feels like they are attacking teams in the second half as opposed to just sitting on the lead:

"I think we are finishing teams now. We are attacking. We are trying to put teams away. That is what we had been asking for, instead of getting a three-point lead and then going into a shell. Trying to keep a three-point lead, we were losing games. All of a sudden we are trying to put teams away."

On if the momentum from the four-game winning streak means everything right now:

"Yeah, because if you lose one game, you are done. It doesn't matter how long the streak is. You lose one, you are finished. Right now everybody has the same record. Everybody is trying for the same thing."

On if the team has perspective on a bigger picture given everything they have gone through this season:

"I think the team just came together. I think everybody got their appreciation of football again. Guys are out here having fun and guys are not ready to go home. We went through a point in the season where it was just down and out. Now I think guys are happy and want to play football."

On how much is Sean Taylor a part of the team appreciating football again:

"I think he is a big part of it and bringing this team together. You lose a guy such as Sean Taylor and being a great guy, everybody else opens their eyes and realizes you have to be accountable to the guy next to you. You don't know if he is going to be here tomorrow, so let's enjoy the day."

On how Sean Taylor's passing has changed him:

"It has changed me a lot. It just makes you look forward to having your day. Enjoying the day and not worrying about tomorrow. I don't know what tomorrow holds so today, I have to get the most out of me."

On if he has been in a zone the past four weeks:

"I think it is the team. I wouldn't say me. I think it is the team that is fighting together. When guys are making it easy for you and guys are out there giving it everything they have: the offensive line is blocking great, the receivers blocking downfield, the receivers are making plays downfield. You have to take people out of the box. Teams have to respect Santana (Moss, WR, #89) and Reche (Caldwell, WR, #86) going down the sideline, and Randle El (Antwaan, WR, #82). Todd (Collins, QB, #15) is throwing outstanding right now, so that is taking a lot of pressure off the running game. It is opening lanes up for me."

On if he feels like he can't be stopped right now:

"I feel like WE, not me. I feel like we as a team, if we can continue to click on all cylinders and pick up third downs and stay out of third and long, I feel like we have a great opportunity."

On if not participating in much of the pre-season paid off:

"A lot is made of everything I do. People are never going to be satisfied. I think for myself, it helped out. Early in the season I probably missed some reads. It had its plusses and its minuses. Right now at the end of the season, I feel good. At the same time, through the early part of the season, middle part of the season, maybe it hurt."

On if there is any chance that this team is going to be satisfied with just getting in the playoffs:

"Not at all. If that was the case, we could have let Minnesota or New Orleans get into the playoffs. Being satisfied with getting to the playoffs is not going to do anything for us. We got to the playoffs in 2005 and that didn't quench our thirst. Now, our big picture is trying to get to the NFC championship game. It is going to take a lot to get there and if we can get there, then you hope and pray that it follows to the Super Bowl."

On which of his teammates has been the most fun to watch as far as their playoff excitement:

"Probably Smoot (Fred, CB, #27). It is his first time. That is all he talks about. He celebrated after a 20-yard catch by a receiver. Probably Smoot. I think for him to get to the playoffs and the excitement that him and Shawn Springs (CB, #24) have been playing with and just knowing what they are doing to carry the defense and put us in the position to be here."

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