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Preseason Secrecy Pays Off On Offense


With last night's football games accounted for, the Redskins are officially the top-ranked offense in the NFL with 464 total yards.

Despite the small sample size of only one week, the Redskins are already on a better track than 2011, which saw them ranked 16th overall.

Rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III posted a sensation professional debut, and credited the Redskins' coaching staff with drawing up a perfect game plan.

"We did a lot of things that we hadn't shown in preseason," Griffin III explained.  "I think everybody executed it to a 'T.'

"Us being able to adapt the offense, it is harder for them to do things and we can keep them off guard. I thought everybody did a great job."

The offense operated out of the shotgun early in the game, before going under center late in the contest.  Players were designed in and out of the pocket, maximizing the protection for bootlegs, play action, roll-outs, scrambles and pocket passes.

Griffin III said afterward that part of the Redskins' success was derived from in-game adjustments.

"I think [the Saints] would just see the look and think of what was coming, from what we had done on previous plays," he explained.  "They were kind of out of place for our adjustments.

"I think they thought they had it right but we would hit them with something else. That's what you've got to do."

Head coach Mike Shanahan reported that keeping the Saints' opportunistic defense off balance had been a goal the whole offseason.

"We obviously do a lot of things to try to keep people off balance--that's what you try to do offensively," Shanahan said.  "Obviously, Robert presents a big problem."

Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins gave the Redskins offense credit after the game, saying they had a game-plan to counter, but did not execute.

"Most of the big plays [the Redskins] got were off bootlegs," he said.  "That aspect is always tough to defend, and [Griffin III] made us pay for it.

"He took the throws that were open. On the play-action passes, he made the good reads. He had a good game."

Washington was one of five teams to score 40 points this week, and for the first time by the Redskins since 2005. 

Griffin III was credited with 19-for-26 for 320 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions and 139.9 passer rating, the best quarterback debut in NFL history.




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