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QB Smith Reflects On Successful Workout

When Utah quarterback Alex Smith stepped off the field from his private workout for 32 NFL teams, the first interview he did was with Smith wowed scouts with his arm and intellect, and was more confident in his chances of being the first quarterback taken in the 2005 NFL Draft.

Q: What is it like to be under the microscope in front of all 32 teams and over 100 coaches, scouts and GMs?

Smith: "It's crazy. It was good in a sense that at the combine, I got all that non-football stuff out of the way and come out here and just throw here in Salt Lake City. It's exciting, though, to turn around and see NFL head coaches and GMs and offensive coordinators just surrounding you and examine everything you do. You know, it feels good; it made me excited."

Q: Were you nervous before you got out there?

Smith: "Oh, I definitely was. I definitely built this up in my head, but once I threw the first couple of passes and started sweating, it all kind of went away and I just played football."

Q: A perception was out there that you were a system quarterback in college because you played in the shotgun so much. Do you think you put that perception to rest?

Smith: "I think so. Obviously I think they view me as athletic because I ran the ball a little bit in college, but I think they were happy to see me drop back and make more post-out throws, seven-step drops and comeback throws. In that sense, it was good to have them see me and prove to them that I could do that."

Q: I know you were very confident in your draft status before this workout, but now that you've finished showing what you can do and receiving so many compliments afterward, are you even more confident that you're going to be the first quarterback taken on April 23?

Smith: "You know, I definitely feel that way, but who knows what they (the NFL teams) are thinking. They're not going to show their hand and give anything away. But I definitely feel like I separated myself and proved that I should be the first quarterback taken. We'll see."

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