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Ramsey Post-Game: Redskins-Steelers

On the team's commitment to throw the football:

"I think we felt like they were pretty strong on the run defense and that we were playing from behind most of the game. They got up 10-0 and we had to try and score and get back in it."

On if it seem like the team is playing this game over and over again:

"Yeah, it does. It's the same old story. I'm almost tired of telling you the same thing about us being inconsistent, and just not being able to run the ball like we want to."

On the Steelers:

"We stayed with them, but we have stayed with everybody, for the most part. That's encouraging, but it's not encouraging when you've done it all year long and we haven't been able to covert and win."

On if he thinks the offense is playing better:

"I think in spurts we are. I think we had a couple spurts today; at the end of the first half, and the beginning of the second where we played decently. But I think we can certainly, without question, play better."

On his frustration level:

"It's no more frustrating for me than it is for anyone else, for the coaches, for anybody involved in this. It's incredibly frustrating just because we have been in it and we've had opportunities and we haven't converted."

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