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Randle El Introductory Press Conference



"We are excited because when you start going through free agency and seeing who you think would fit with you the first thing we go through is what kind of person we are going to bring on the football team. In this case every single person that has been around him or coached him always talked about what kind of person he was. We are real excited from that standpoint. We have a player here who can do a lot of things. He can run, he can throw and he can run back punts and kick offs. He is kind of an unusual person. We spent some time showing him offensively what we think he will be doing for us. I think he will be running back some kicks for us too. We are all excited about that. We have tremendous respect for him and we are excited form a Redskins standpoint."



On joining the Redskins:

"First of all, I'd like to thank God for where I am at in my life, for the opportunity to play for another team and another team that is certainly heading in the right direction and has the right people in place to win a Super Bowl. I had a chance to play with the Pittsburgh Steelers and I certainly thank Dan Rooney and Art Rooney for drafting me and even having me on their team and having the opportunity to play in this league because everyone does not get that opportunity. I am certainly thankful to them and the Steelers organization from the Rooney's all the way down to Coach Cowher."

On the opportunity to be a Redskin:

"I am certainly excited about the opportunity to be here as a Redskin after talking with Coach Gibbs and Coach Saunders about the direction we are going in terms of the offense and what is expected of me. I think that is the biggest thing, you have to make sure you are doing your part as a player not only on the field but off the field. Once you get those things in order you will have things go in the right direction."

On what it has been like surrounding himself with Hall of Fame coaches:

"They know what it takes to win. They know about putting the right coaches and players together in the right situations to go and win. I know Coach Gibbs is from the old school so to speak but he understands when it comes to players and taking care of players through out the season when it comes to taking care of their body. I have spoken to different players on the team about how coach understands that. A lot of coaches don't understand that and run you into the ground and by game 10 or 11 you are done. I know Coach Cowher understands that and from talking to the players and Coach Gibbs he understands that point and how important it is for players when it comes to the long season we have and the things we have to put into it to get it done. Playing for one soon to be Hall of Famer and a Hall of Famer it means a lot. That was another big reason. The status you leave, coming to another organization that has that type of status with him being a Hall of Famer and certainly with the guys we have on this team, the guys that I know and going in that direction. I feel great about my decision."

On why he chose Washington over staying with Pittsburgh or signing with Chicago:

"Taking the numbers out of it you go back to the opportunity to be in an offense with Coach Saunders, who has been with Kansas City and put up an immaculate amount of numbers. If we get an offense like that, which we really feel we can, and you have a defense playing the way that Washington does we have a good chance of getting to the Super Bowl Those were the biggest things."

On if he is hoping for a more expanded role in terms of being a receiver:

"Certainly I don't want to give up the punt return. I don't want to give up the role of being a wide receiver. It is just a matter of my role will expanding according to Coach Saunders and that's what I want. Even looking back to Pittsburgh there are some games where you wish you got a couple of more balls here or there but looking back you know that is just the way it happened. I am happy about the situation that I am going to be in now."

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