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Redskins Given Three Compensatory Picks


The Redskins have picked up three compensatory draft picks, including a third-round selection, the league has announced.

The third-round compensatory pick is a result of the Redskins losing guard Derrick Dockery in 2006 free agency.

It is the 96th overall pick in the draft.

The Redskins will now have four draft picks in the first three rounds of the draft.

In addition, the Redskins have picked up two seventh-round compensatory selections in the draft. Those picks come at 242nd overall and 249th overall.

The seventh-rounders come as a result of the Redskins losing linebacker Warrick Holdman, cornerback Kenny Wright and running back T.J. Duckett.

Compensatory picks typically come at or near the end of their designated round. NFL teams are not permitted to trade compensatory picks.

Compensatory draft picks are awarded based on the number of players a team lost in free agency the previous year against the number of players it signed. Also factored in is the performance of the players and the contracts those players signed.

With the compensatory picks, the Redskins have a total of nine draft picks this year. That's the most picks the team has had since 2002, when they netted 10 players in the draft.

The Redskins do not have a fourth-round pick this year. The club traded that pick to the New York Jets last August for guard Pete Kendall.

The NFL Draft takes place on April 26-27 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

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