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Redskins Have Come Together As a Team

On the Redskins' fans:

"I first want to start with our fans. We set an attendance record and it was on a night when it wasn't very pretty. It was bad weather. It illustrates the fans that we do have regardless of weather, any kind of conditions and really any kind of record. The first part of the year I know we had four tough losses. Our fans just continued to support us. I mentioned some of the fans that see us off out here and some of the fans that welcome us back at four in the morning. I really appreciate them. To set the record on that kind of a night I felt like was a real testimony to them. We really appreciate them and the way they get us ready to play."

On the defensive play versus Dallas:

"I am going to start with defense because it was a pretty spectacular effort on their part. They were physical, fast and played real fresh. No TDs allowed, 147 total yards, 3.3 per play, 7 first downs, 0 for 12 on third downs and controlled sudden change. When we turned it over they got us back out of messes. I really felt like again keeping the quarterback rating down on one of the best offenses in the League, I thought it was just a great effort on their part. Going after things extremely hard and really controlled the line of scrimmage. Obviously giving up one rushing yard was a spectacular effort. Realizing that Dallas didn't have to have it, we did, but at the same time I think pretty spectacular effort on our defensive part. They lead us. We talked about if you are going to go in the playoffs; if you are going to go and get something done in the playoffs your defense is going to have to lead you. Right now our defense is doing that. Our negatives, we gave up two explosive plays and two defensive penalties and we had a chance to get a big interception. It could have been a big play for us."

On the special teams play versus Dallas:

"On special teams, our starting yard line was the 37, theirs was the 36. That is huge. A big difference there, our ten special teams possessions, 6 of the 10 were the 27 yard line or less. So did a great job keeping them going a long ways. Our coverage was good. We had very, very good coverage on punt. The other thing is that we brought the ball out in the second half to the 32 yard line to start the second half and then our offense took it in and scored. That was the fourth straight week in a row that we scored on the first series of a possession on a second half, which was terrific for us. As you know that has been a problem for us earlier in the year finishing and we did a great job there. Lorenzo (Alexander, OL, #79) got the big block there on the field goal. It was a low kick, but did a great job getting his hands on that and continues to play extremely well. Our negatives, we kicked off out of bounds and we had two penalties."

On the offensive play versus Dallas:

"On offense, the thing that we have been very proud of is our drives. We had one drive for five plays for 73 yards and a touch down. We had a 13 play drive for 54 [yards] and a field goal. We had a 7 play drive for 42 yards and a field goal. Of course, to start the second half it was 12 plays and 63 yards for a touchdown, which is a great way for us to start. We were one for one in goal line situations. The other thing too is our playmakers have been making big plays over ten yards. We have 17 plays of over 10 yards, which is great for us. Struggled earlier in the year in that category and really our playmakers our stepping up and making plays for us. Our quarterback rating, Todd (Collins, QB, #15) for the fourth week in a row, it was 104 this week. It is just great. You couldn't expect him to play any better really. We got hit twice there and turned the ball over, which is two of our negatives, but actually on those, Todd is so concentrated and so careless in the pocket that he is up there stepping up and he didn't see it coming from behind a couple of times. He is definitely in the pocket or guys know where he is going to be, steps up in there and he can wait until the last second, get rid of the ball and he is making great decisions in there. Our time of possession was very good also. It was over 37 minutes and we had 60% on third down. Our negatives, we had three sacks. That is a very pass rush team. They are excellent. We had two fumbled turnovers. We had one penalty, which is intentional grounding."

On the four-game winning streak:

"I mentioned the other day, to think we could play four weeks like that after having the four that we had previous to that, is just a testimony to our players, their attitude. Everybody has kind of lost themselves. They are not worried about individual goals. They are worried about the team. Everybody is being accountable to each other. If we can keep that, that is the key to playing real, real good football. We had a minus one on the takeaway ratio, which is a concern for us and we will talk about that this week and try and again put special emphasis on that because you won't get by with that very often. Particularly in the playoffs the percentages actually go up when you get in playoffs as to being on the plus side of the giveaway/takeaway ratio. [It is] a real thrill to be where we are. Our key for us going forward is, London (Fletcher, LB, #59) said it, is humble and hungry. We have to realize how we got here. Our football team is capable of losing four close games and certainly were capable of playing, we showed the last four weeks. That is our focus. Making great preparation and we are going to have to play tough games on the road. There is no tougher place than Seattle. We remember this from two years ago going out there. Extremely tough conditions to play in against a very good football team. It will be a huge challenge for us but I think we are all thrilled and excited about being in the playoffs. We are going to work real hard here today and get the players in on Wednesday and go to work and take a long trip and see how we play out there."

On the similarities between this season and the 2005 season:

"I think there are a lot of comparisons there. I would say certainly playing real late. We got ourselves in a real bind there in that season and then we bounced back and eventually won six in a row. I think there is very much a comparison to this year and playing late and getting ourselves in a bind. We were in a bind earlier this year and played our way back in the playoff which that is a lot of pressure. You have to win four games. I reflect back to the Bears and everybody is saying the Bears at that point. Look how the Bears finished the season. That game was a big game for us. We had to win that thing. We come back and obviously had to play the Giants. You have to play Minnesota. You have to play real good football team like Dallas, even though their incentive or whatever reason there, it is still a very, very good football team, well one of the most talented teams that I have seen. They have a little bit of everything. For us to play that well and to play this well late is very much a comparison to that year."

On if the four game run is especially gratifying considering what the team has gone through this season:

"When you get in a real tough situation where we were, it would be hard for anybody to look at that and say we are going to be able to get in the playoffs or have a chance to have a run like that. There was nothing there that gave you that thought. For us to be able to do that, I have said over and over again, it is a tribute to our players. The attitude they have had and they have been excited about things. They have made great preparation. The thing that gets you going as a coach too, they have kind of done it on their own. They are very much team oriented. We have great leaders and they are standing up and saying, hey look this is what we have to do and then they are making it happen on the field. That is as exciting a run as I have been a part of."

On Jason Campbell's readiness:

"We doubt that Jason is going to be back yet. We still have quite a ways to go. I talked to Bubba [Tyer] this morning and we still have quite a ways to go. We're going to take it day by day and you never know with our players, but we think right now it's still a little into the future before we can get him ready."

On if the 2007 Redskins team is better than the 2005 team:

"In 2005, I don't think we were as talented as we are right now. We have a lot of the same guys we had back then, and obviously the playmakers, but we did not play that well on offense [in the Tampa Bay playoff game]. We had a lot of guys missing at that point, but I think we had great heart. We fought extremely hard. I think those qualities are in this team. I think the leadership portion--I go back to the group we've had the last four years and that group is a big part of our leadership right now. That's a driving force for us."

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