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Redskins Hope To Change Turnover Ratio

Through three weeks of the season, the Redskins have committed six turnovers to just one fumble recovery and no interceptions. Moving forward, they're looking to turn around their fortunes.

One of the most important stats in the sport, the Washington Redskins through three games are minus-five in the turnover battle.

Check out these top photos from the Washington Redskins 2015 Week 3 matchup against the New York Giants Sept. 24, 2015, at MetLife Stadium.

Against the New York Giants last Thursday, the Redskins had three turnovers and were unable to generate any fumbles or interceptions on their own.

During a Week 2 24-10 victory over the St. Louis Rams at FedExField, rookie running back Matt Jones' only blemish was a third quarter fumble.

And in the season opener against the Miami Dolphins, Kirk Cousins threw a pair of interceptions in the loss.

"As far as quarterbacks throwing picks, that's going through your progressions and getting the ball out, making accurate throws and good decisions," said Redskins head coach Jay Gruden during a conference call on Friday. "It's easier said than done but we're going to demand it."

Cousins also threw two interceptions against the Giants, with the first coming on a throw he tried to squeeze through tight coverage and the second coming off a tipped pass.

Each and every situation during a football game can provide learning experiences for the fourth-year quarterback, and on Thursday, it taught him the importance of not forcing throws.

"You can call it whatever you want – trying to do too much or forcing it or whatever, but I'm just trying to find a completion and get it to somebody and trying to throw it to a safe spot, but a bounce goes up and when it hangs in the air as long as it did, it's easy to intercept," Cousins said. "Stuff like that, it's just the part that I can control, where I can look at myself and say 'just throw it out of bounds.'"

While the interceptions have been frustrating, it hasn't all been bad for Cousins. He's completed nearly 69 percent of his passes for 715 yards.

"We're just going to have to continue to harp on him and coach him up and there's too many good things going on with Kirk and his progression for us to pull the plug right now because he threw an interception or two," Gruden said. "But he's got to be aware, he's got to protect the football, as does Matt Jones, as does the rest of our football team for us to have a chance."

Jones has been productive for the Redskins so far, forming a one-two punch with veteran starter Alfred Morris. Through three games, he's recorded 36 carries for 189 yards and two touchdowns.

But the rookie also has two fumbles including one that popped out as he dove into the end zone against the Giants.

Instead of his third touchdown in as many games, the fumble was ruled as a touchback and possession was given to the Giants.

"I was just trying to be a playmaker and get the ball across the line," Jones said. "The dude made a really good play on the ball and I was just getting ready to extend the ball across the pylon. It just went for a touchback, so it's kind of hard."

Jones said it was "a tough lesson to learn," but the mistakes will be corrected.

"I'll learn from it," he said. "I mean, I'll just keep the ball covered when I'm going across the goal line instead of trying to extend the ball."

Defensively, the Redskins have recovered just one fumble and have yet to snag an interception.

Generating turnovers is always a huge point of emphasis, Gruden said, but it's easier said than done -- and oftentimes require a little luck, too.

"We practice the heck out of it," Gruden said of generating turnovers. "We preach it. We talk about it. But going out there and getting them is another thing obviously. It's not that easy. As far as creating turnovers it's about people flying to the football, getting it out, having secure tackles and then the second or third guy – usually fumbles are caused by the second or third guy coming to the tackle and ripping it out."

While a lot of interceptions will, of course, come on contested throws, Gruden said the front seven, which has been more aggressive this season, can help by tipping some balls at the line of scrimmage.

"Get your hands up if he's throwing it quick," Gruden said. "Talk about they didn't take many five-step drops, they were all coming out quick. Well, we need to get our hands up and tip some balls. You know they got a tipped interception on us the other day. Those are things that we can do and obviously Randy Jordan, Ike Hilliard anybody who touches the ball works ball security every day. And that's something we can continue to work on."




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