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Redskins Hoping Pressure Affects Eli Manning


With a stronger emphasis on confusing opposing quarterbacks, the Redskins' defense wants to put Eli Manning in situations where his timing is affected.

Thursday night will mark the 22nd time the Washington Redskins face a New York Giants team with quarterback Eli Manning under center.

A look back at some of the top images in games between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants.

Manning, of course, has been one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the NFL over the last decade, and this holds true against the Redskins, too, as he's thrown for more than 4,800 yards and 23 touchdowns to 18 interceptions against Washington.

"He's a good quarterback, he's a Super Bowl winning quarterback, he's very capable to go out there and dice you up," said Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who was in the same 2004 draft class as Manning. "His offense has kind of changed over the last couple of years. The last two years, they went to a more quick passing style offense, run the ball more, and so it's not going to be those whole bunch of shots, whole lots of opportunities to make plays down the field. It's going to be more short, quick gain, methodical, where they're just trying to beat you down."

That's not to say Manning won't throw it down the field and test the secondary, especially with Odell Beckham Jr. out there.

Last season, the duo connected for three touchdowns in a Week 15 matchup with the Redskins.

"Odell Beckham, he's a heck of a player, obviously," said Redskins head coach Jay Gruden. "Hurt us really bad the second time we played him. The first time it was a tight end that got us and then the second time, we put so much… we had so much focus on the tight end, Odell Beckham killed us. They have a couple guys that are really, really good obviously. Odell is in a class by himself, dang-near, in our division."

The defense won't make it easy for Manning to have the same sort of success he had last season against the Redskins when he threw seven touchdowns to just one interception.

The front seven is more aggressive under first-year defensive coordinator Joe Barr, and through the first two games have given quarterbacks little time to let plays develop.

"Their defensive front is impressive," Manning said. "They've got quality players and they're getting great pressure on the quarterback, a lot of times just bringing four guys. Making it tough, they're playing zone coverage behind it, making you hold the ball and hit guys in second windows to get open and their defensive line's not letting quarterbacks do that. So they've been impressive."

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said that the Redskins "come hard" on each snap.

"They're good athletes and they attack the passer and it's helped the secondary," he said. "You're not going to be ranked second in the league and not do something well up front, so it's a good combination."

Coughlin continued by saying that what's made them different this season is that "there are lots of line charges and stunts up-front."

"But it still is guys on the edges who are getting to the quarterback," he said. "It's really, there's no real answer to it other than the fact that they've always rushed the passer pretty well. They're doing so this year, too."




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