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Redskins Lost QB Communication vs. Packers

On how they played defensively against Green Bay:

"Defensively that was a big challenge for us. We were going against one of the premier passers in the league and I felt we did an outstanding job. We hustled, played hard, were physical and went after things. We put a lot of pressure on the quarterback and had two sacks."

On how they played on special teams against the Packers:

"I thought we played hard and aggressive on special teams. We won the field position battle, which is a big deal for us. Rock (Cartwright, RB #31) came out of there a few times on kick off returns. We had very good coverage. I felt like on special teams we played extremely hard and well."

On how they played offensively against the Packers:

"Offensively I felt like in the first half we did pretty much what we wanted to do. We had over 200 yards. I thought we started the game playing extremely hard on offense. We had guys make great efforts. What happened in the second half is we had three turnovers. Up here we all know we turned the ball over three times. We actually had it on the ground two more times which really hurt ourselves. The other thing that happened to us on offense is one of those rare things. We had about 11 plays where we had a chance to make big plays. I am counting those 11 where we would have been in field goal range if we had made the play. I felt like our guys were playing hard. We just failed to make plays, a bunch of them, at key times in there."

On communication during the game:

"Some other things that were going on as the game was going, sometimes its good to give the fans a feel for the stuff that is going on, one of the things is that we lost communication to our quarterback from the sideline. You want to talk about something that is extremely hard to overcome, particularly when we have a shorter time between plays. Bill Lazor (Quarterbacks Coach) did a great job as a coach and Jason (Campbell, QB #17) did an unbelievable job of getting that sorted out. We had to call plays by signal which is more time consuming and extremely hard to do."

On offensive line injuries:

"We also had a couple of things happen in the game that had not happened to me before. One of them was having three offensive linemen hurt. It is a very unusual situation for us. It has never happened to me before. We carry seven linemen in and you are always scared when you do it."

On the Green Bay Packers:

"We have a lot of respect for their offense and special teams. We knew their defense was going to play hard. They had some guys that played extremely well and made key plays at key times."

On the offensive line:

"We need to look at everything there. We have not made any decisions. We are going to take a long hard look. I wanted to wait until today to talk to Bubba (Tyer, Director of Sports Medicine) and get an update and have him get a chance to talk to the players. What I am praying is that several of them are going to be able to bounce back and play. We are just going to take a look at everything and make the best decision as we go here by Wednesday. Right now it makes it awful tough for you because you sit there looking at it and that is a lot of linemen to have missing. It makes it extremely tough to practice is one concern that I have and then of course getting guys healthy for the game too."

On the playing conditions:

"They had guys slip and we were slipping. We adjusted and put on long cleats before the game after warm-ups. I felt like it was slick. The game conditions were misty and there was moisture at times. I think that affected the kicking game some on both sides. It was heavy weather. You have to play in those conditions. Here we pride ourselves and think we are an outdoors team. We are out there and in it every day. I would hope that we would play real well in that kind of weather. Jason (Campbell, QB #17) threw the ball and I think he seemed to be fine. That is good news for us. Generally a big deal for quarterbacks is that they struggle in bad weather. They have a tough time but I felt Jason did an outstanding job."

On Casey Rabach (C, #61):

"It is just one of those things that just takes a day or two. I saw him today and I think he felt better about it. I know Casey has not missed anything since he has been here, which is what concerns you. I know it was something for him to come out of there. It is probably going to take a couple of days to see who is healthy and who is not."

On Sean Taylor (S, #21) and LaRon Landry (S, #30):

"The one interception that [Sean Taylor] had LaRon came down and had a great block. They are working extremely well together. It is more than what you could hope for a rookie to go in there and do what LaRon has done. It has been great to watch them together. I think they have a good feeling for each other. At times LaRon could drop down and at times Sean could drop down. Generally Sean has been back. The thing I can say about him is that he covers the field. There were times there when the ball was thrown where you said, 'hey they have a chance here' and he covers the field all the way from the inside to the outside. That is a real plus for us. I am excited about that. I am excited about how the defense is playing. My hope is that we can get healed up here some. When you have a defense that is playing well and special teams that is playing well, if we can find a way to make a few more plays on offense that is our hope."

On if there is a chance of moving Lorenzo Alexander (DL #79) to offensive line:

"There is. That is one of the things that we have considered. Lorenzo, for us, when he got in there on defense has played extremely well. We wouldn't normally do that but he is an unselfish guy. I talked to him a little bit today and Coach (Greg) Blache (Defensive Coordinator – Defensive Line) has talked to him. I think he is willing to do anything to help the team. That is one way that we can help ourselves from the inside. We sat down this morning and racked our brain about every scenario we could think of from practice squad to anyone that is out there."

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