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Redskins Must Move On Quickly To the Jets

Opening remarks:

"I will give you a few of my feelings and comments. Normally I go over our goals and some of the things we accomplished in the game, but it's obvious to everybody and our team, that we had one defensive goal accomplished, one offensive goal, and a couple of special team goals accomplished. The point there is that we were all together. Obviously, it was something that we didn't want to happen. In this League, I guess it can happen. It hadn't happened to us this year. I think we have been up against some real good teams. It was certainly all Pats in this game. I think we need to say that to them. They are a heck of a football team. I really do appreciate our players' attitudes. A lot of players around the league, when something like this would happen, they would just leave. Once it's over, they would just leave the building and not worry about it. Our players, totally different story. I had a number of meetings today, with different groups. You can see in some individual meetings how much our guys care about it. Some of them met in groups. I think it shows their attitudes and the way they care about things. I really appreciate that as a coach. I think we have guys that care. What we need to do now is concentrate and focus on the Jets. What can we learn from this? We all looked at the film today, studied some things, and met. What can we learn from it and how can we get ready to play the Jets. That's the single most important thing to us. What I told them going into this game was how important it was as an underdog to see it as a huge opportunity. I also talked to them along the lines as the game against the Pats being no more important than next week's game against the Jets. We have to go on the road and find a way to win the game. Our players' attitudes today were excellent and I appreciate them and the way they went about it. That encourages me. It would be different if we had players that I felt like didn't care and left the building. These guys really care about what they are doing and I felt like we had a productive day. We have already seen the right formula for us. We have already had it for us, the Detroit game is an example. In that game we wound up with real good balance. Our defense gave up three points total and our offense rushed for 118 yards. Jason (Campbell, QB, #17) was 23 of 29 and special teams gave us big plays on punt returns and covering kicks. That is the formula and that is where we would like to be. Our defense led us in that game. That is kind of what we count on. Offense finished and did their part, as did special teams. Having said that, the Lions are 5-2 right now. That is the formula we would like to have here and that is how we would like to look. Obviously, yesterday we weren't like that. I think there is a lot we can learn from that. We went through a long process today. We went through the film, trying to learn every single thing we can. We looked for the errors, where they were, what we did, pointed those out. Hopefully it was a learning experience. The other thing I wanted to mention is that we have bad news about Carlos (Rogers, CB, #22). The doctors are still analyzing and when they are done I will give you the final results on it. It looks like it is going to be something that will keep him out for the rest of the year."

On cornerback Carlos Rogers (#22) and losing him for a season:

"Carlos is a real tough guy. This guy comes up and will smack you. We love his attitude and he is very competitive. He is continuing to mature and get better and better. Jerry (Gray, secondary ? cornerbacks coach) feels the same way. That is something that we will have to overcome. Someone else will have to step in and play well. Hopefully we will get Fred (Smoot, CB #27) which I am thinking we will be for this week. There will have to be some other guys that step up. David Macklin (CB #38) will have to step up. We will make a decision if we are going to bring someone up at corner."

On the way the Redskins lost yesterday and if it concerns him:

"It would concern anybody. Certainly it concerns me. I think we have been up against some of the physical teams in the league. I think we have been battle tested by some real tough and physical fronts both ways. I was thinking we could match up with anybody. Certainly that wasn't the case yesterday. Our guys know it and I know it. We certainly did not want that to happen and did not expect it to happen but it did. Now what you do is learn from it what we can do and how do we put ourselves in the best position to come out and play a heck of a game next week. If you watch the League you have seen teams this year that have a real high and play extremely well and then the next week have an awful game. Our effort has been pretty consistent for the year. We have been playing extremely hard, staying in games and when we lost games they were close. This one I did not feel like was us."

On what they will do at cornerback:

"We will look at all options and make a decision on what we think is best. We have two guys on the practice squad that we really like, young guys that Jerry (Gray, secondary ? cornerbacks coach) has been working with. We will make a decision based off of what is best for us."

On how he can motivate the team:

"As a coach you are always wrestling with what to you do and what do you say. I did that today. Generally for me what I do is be frank and honest with them and tell them exactly what I am feeling and what I see. What I said today means a lot to me. We had a lot of guys talking to the media, come across the doorstep and had guys meeting in different groups. It says a lot about them. A lot of places I'm sure the guys just go home. They have a bad day and just go home. These guys care about it. They are very interested in our football team. They feel like we have a lot sitting out there for us to try and go get. They care about it and that means a lot to me and it encourages me."

On if he did not like the fact that the Patriots went for it on fourth down up 38-0:

"I always look at it as you cannot let yourself get in a situation like that. You can not let yourself be in a situation where somebody else has an opportunity to do that. My approach has always been if it happens and we put ourselves in a situation like that, I am certainly not going to be somebody that complains about that. I always look at it more about us making sure that doesn't happen."

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