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Redskins Need to 'Regroup,' Zorn Says


One day after a disappointing and disturbing 19-14 loss to the Detroit Lions, Redskins coaches and players were back at the team's practice facility, preparing for what's next.

What's next, of course, is a lot of questions.

A week after Zorn was grilled with questions about his play-calling in a win over the Rams, he met the media again following the Lions loss and was grilled with questions about the state of the team.

Are there "big picture" problems?

Do the Redskins lack an identity?

What can be done to improve morale?

Zorn, as he has done ever since he arrived in Washington in January 2008, answered honestly and forthright.

"I don't believe there is a big picture problem," Zorn said. "I think in the big picture things are progressing. We're getting better, but it's not showing in wins. We're just going to continue to press on and take care of the details. We have to push and take care of all of those things that will help us win."

Then Zorn was asked if there was a sense that he had lost the locker room.

"I would be really surprised," he said. "I think we have excellent men in that locker room."

Zorn said he would rely on the team's six captains--Jason Campbell, Chris Samuels, London Fletcher, Cornelius Griffin, Rock Cartwright and Mike Sellers--to help keep the team together.

"Our captains are doing a wonderful job keeping our guys together and keeping the positive things coming out of the game and alleviating some of the negative things," he said. "Once we start doing that, we'll be on the right track."

Zorn remains convinced that his players are resilient and will "come back and push hard again."

Lots of season left, after all.

How does he plan to get his message across to players?

"I will be real to them," he said. "I don't need to yell at a bunch of men like it's, 'Come on guys, let's really go now,'" Zorn said. "I don't need to play a psychological game with them, either.

"The thing I like to do is show them what actually happened, regroup, and then make some changes if necessary. Those are things our coaches will do to make fine-tune adjustments to find out how we can be better next week."

Zorn was also asked if he had spoken to Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder after the Lions game.

"Not much," he replied. "Having a loss and trying to get out of [Detroit], we haven't been able to spend a lot of time. I'll be spending a lot of time with him as we go along this week, no question."

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