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Redskins Pre-Draft Media Briefing



On the draft:

"We feel like there is good depth at the corner position, a good group of eight to 10 corners. Tight end is deeper then it has been in a while. The Receiver group is not as strong as it has been in a while. There are some defensive linemen but other than Mario Williams there are no superstar defensive tackles. They all have something they need to improve on. There is no A.J. Hawk of the defensive tackle. At quarterback there are the top three guys that are decent. Running back it looks like there will be a good group at the top but then it drops off real quick. This is a good draft. If you are picking between 25 and into the second round I think it's a good draft. It is a good draft at the top. After the drop off around 10 or 11 you can pretty much get the same guy all the way down through."

On picking at No. 53 in the second round:

"When you are picking at 53 it is hard because there are 52 picks in front of you and a lot of teams are picking twice. You will have a better feel what is going to be at 53 once you get through the first round because we put down everyone's needs so once they draft in the first round you can focus in on what is going to happen in the second."



On picking at 53:

"Obviously at 53, you can't chart what is going to happen. There is going to be a lot going on. We tried to position ourselves so we are in good position to pick what falls to us. We think we know what is going to be there so you don't rule anything out at this point. We are set to do whatever we have to do to try and help the football team."


On the late round selection:

"After going through all the meetings I think we have a group of guys that might be there that could fill some spots for us. What you are looking to do there also is find some guys that you know will end up on the practice squad but will be able to develop and help you in the future."


On signing the un-drafted free agents after the draft:

"I think we are very well organized. We know who we want to go after. I was talking to one of our assistant coaches and he said he had two guys there that he loved that most likely won't get drafted. He said he would love to have one of these guys."

On kicker John Hall and punter Derrick Frost and if they would consider using a pick late in the draft on a kicker or punter:

"Up here you better be able to kick field goals. Field goals are very important. It has always been our philosophy here that you better be good there. We think we are good there with John (Hall). Whether we have him kick off too or just kick field goals is the question. He had some leg problems there. Part of that process is that we feel we have a good solid guy that we can count on to win ball games. That is big for us. As far as Derrick (Frost) he is younger, can kick off for us and that could take some pressure off of John. We like that part of it. We feel like Derrick has the potential to do good things there for us. But you do have to look and see. Are there some people in the draft down there? Yea there are people in the draft down there that could do both."

On the quarterback situation:

"I think I feel good at quarterback. We have Jason (Campbell) and we will play him a ton in pre-season. We don't feel Mark (Brunell) will have to take a lot of work. Hopefully he is as sharp as he was last year when he started out. Then we have Todd (Collins) who has been in this system and doesn't miss a beat. I think we are real good there at quarterback."

On QB #17 Jason Campbell:

"Jason has had a full year which is great. Now it has really stepped up. Now he is very much in the plans. I think Al (Saunders) has done a great job. We have had special sessions with just Jason on the field by himself. I don't think he has ever missed a thing. I think he is everything that we thought we would get. He has an athletic background. He has done it all in high school and in college and we think he is going to do it all up here. I think it is a process for a young guy to come along. Last year was one set of circumstances where you know you are probably not going to play but be prepared. This year he knows it is a different deal. He is going to get a lot of focus, attention and a lot of play time. We are excited to get him in there and let him go to work."

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