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Redskins Propose Rule Change That Allows Replay Review For Uncalled Penalties


This week, all 32 NFL owners will convene in Phoenix for the league's annual meetings, where they will vote on multiple rule changes, proposed by the competition committee and by various teams, for the 2019 season.

The committee announced on Thursday that teams will vote on 16 proposals for rule changes, along with several other bylaw and resolution changes. The Washington Redskins, as in years past, have a few of their own proposals being considered this year.

Specifically, the Redskins would like to amend the second section of Rule 15, which would make every play available for review – issued either through a coach's challenge or from the officiating crew.

The amendment proposal offers a way to correct the missed pass interference penalty in this year's NFC Championship game between the Saints and the Rams. While other teams have proposed similar kinds of rule changes in the past, they haven't been passed primarily because, as the logic goes, nearly every big play would be challenged for an uncalled penalty, one which referees are likely to spot if they look close enough (holding penalties are much easier to adjudicate in slow-motion).

The Redskins' proposal, however, differs by clarifying the language. If the proposal were to go into effect, Sean Payton would have been able to challenge for the pass interference penalty that was never issued by telling the head official specifically which player and type of penatly he'd want to be reviewed.

"Once a challenge is initiated," the proposal states, "the Head Coach must provide the Referee with the specific player (jersey number) and the specific foul that was committed on the play, regardless of whether there was a penalty called by the on-field officiating crew."

The second amendment the Redskins have proposed would be to expand instant replay for personal fouls. The proposal for replay review also extends to "scoring plays and turnovers negated by a foul, and any Try attempt (extra point or two-point conversion)."

For a detailed list of all the rule changes, check them out here.