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Redskins Return From The Bye Week Rested, Ready To Work


,For linebacker Mason Foster, the biggest boon of the bye week came in walking his kids to school everyday. Well, that and binge-watching some T.V. shows he's missed out on.

"Man I had to catch up on 'Ozark' 'cause I watched the whole first season," Foster said. "I usually watch them, like I watched 'Westworld,' I watched that when it first came out like the whole [season]. But the second season, because I was like missing some I just stopped until I could sit down."

He added he watched 'Maniac' and the 'The Handmaid's Tale' over the bye week, too.

"We finished up the 'Handmaid's Tale,' that's a good one, man, my wife got me watching that one, she knew I had time off so she made sure to get the 'Handmaid's Tale' in," Foster said, adding that he prefers binge-watching shows instead of spreading them out, in case he misses anything. "It was cool, man, it was a cool little bye week, got to relax."

Foster said he took his sons, Rylan and Kannon, to ice skating practice in hopes of getting them ready to play hockey this season.

"They love it, it's something different. They went to their first Caps game, the playoff game, and I sang the little 'Go Caps go!' and ever since then they've loved hockey," Foster said. "I sign them up for whatever until football starts, until indoor track starts they'll do that. It's been pretty cool to hang out with them."

Like Foster, wide receiver Paul Richardson Jr. and running back Chris Thompson stayed near the facility and got ready for the long-haul.

"I relaxed. I didn't want to travel," Richardson said. "I wanted to relax and catch up on some rest. I wanted to be around here, be around the facility. I spent my bye week real close."

Thompson also spent his week off relaxing his body, but he kept his mind sharp by working on one of his non-football-related activities.

"I played Tomb Raider all week," Thompson said. "My goal was to beat the Tomb Raider this week, 'cause there's a lot more games coming out that I'm excited for. You know, 'cause you all know that's something I do with my off time."

While Thompson may have gone virtual adventuring as Laura Croft, running back Adrian Peterson had a different kind of adventure, one of the culinary variety.

He told reporters Monday that he spent the bye week at his home in Houston with his family, and celebrated his son's third birthday with a cookout.

"We had some family come to town, we were able to just kind of relax, barbecue a little bit," Peterson said. "Grill some steaks, quail, kind of threw down a little bit. It was good to see family and relax before we start this journey."

Yes, Peterson grilled quail for a three-year-old's birthday party, which sounds a little adventurous, but Peterson said it was important to be home and do something familiar before the team's end of season run.

Because of their Week 4 bye, the Redskins will have to play 13 regular season games in a row and attempt to push through the stretch for a playoff run.

Head coach Jay Gruden was asked by reporters on Monday if he has any experience with early season bye weeks.

"I don't remember yesterday hardly, so no I don't remember," Gruden said. "It is early. It's just the schedule-makers. We have to deal with it. It came at a good time for some guys and probably not a good time for other guys. That's probably the way it would be Week 8, 7 or 6 if we had it."