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Top 10 Quotes: Redskins-Vikings Practice Week 

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With the team's practice prep for the Minnesota Vikings complete, here's a list of the best quotes of the week, as compiled by, presented by GEICO:**

1. Interim head coach Bill Callahan on what makes Vikings running back Dalvin Cook so difficult to stop:

"He's really dynamic. Just watching him on tape is fun to watch, but you don't want to defend, obviously. He has the skillset that's explosive, it's fast, at any time he can circle the edge with speed, he's got lateral jump ability and lateral speed ability to get on the edge and create big plays not only outside, but also inside he can make you miss, he's got a lot of cut ability in the hole. He has it all."

2. Outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan on the differences playing on a short week:

"You don't really have an off day when you have a Thursday game, you're basically on a normal Wednesday Thursday schedule on a Tuesday what normally would be off. That's the main difference you don't really have a lot of time off, and the time off you do have you really have to maximize it by taking care of your body and getting your body right for Thursday."

3. Quarterback Case Keenum on the Vikings defense:

"They're good, they're really good. Watching it sitting there, it's the same defense when I was there, all the same guys and they're all really, really talented players. So, they've been running that system for a while, so they know exactly where to be and when to be. And they can disguise and fool with your eyes a bunch.

4. Offensive tackle Morgan Moses on how the locker room is dealing with the team's tough start:

"This is where we're at and there's only one way to get out of it, is to get out of it together. I think we have a great plan, I know the guys are still here, they're still bought in. We show up here everyday to work, to make our situation better."

5. Linebacker Jon Bostic on how to limit the success of Vikings running back Dalvin Cook:

"It all goes towards playing our role, doing what we're being coached to do. We gotta go out and execute, we gotta set edges, we gotta come inside out, we gotta tackle well, we gotta get off the field on third downs."

6. Safety Landon Collins on the strong play of Quinton Dunbar so far:

"When I came here I knew I had a cornerback that could tackle, that could cover, that could really do it all. He's playing at a high level and I appreciate that, because we need that on both sides."

Take a look at photos from Redskins practice on Tuesday October 22, 2019 before they take on the Minnesota Vikings.

7. Adrian Peterson on how his familiarity with the Vikings defense could help the offense on a short week:

"It's gonna help a lot, watching film and seeing some of their tendencies. Just knowing the personalities and their mentality that right there is gonna be very important for me and being able to talk to these guys as well since it'll be probably their first time going up against some of [the Vikings].

8. Safety Troy Apke on preparing for an increased role:

"It's a short week, obviously [Montae Nicholson] is my guy, so I gotta hold it down out there for him. We just gotta go in tomorrow, do the film corrections and then just move on to Minnesota."

9. Callahan on coaching up Adrian Peterson after his fumble against the 49ers:

"Those things happen, I'm sure he'd love to have that play back and it happens every now and then. Nobody is more of a pro than Adrian is when it comes to accountability. He's honest, he's forthright and I think he's going to let you know that he feels horrible about the play that occurred, but he's done so many other positive things."

10. Moses on how the offense can have success in a hostile environment:

"We just gotta continue doing what we do, handing the ball off, running the ball putting ourselves in the best position that's possible. Obviously it's gonna be loud there, so we gotta handle the noise as well."

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