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Wake Up Washington | Rivera identifies opportunities for growth in wake of Week 2 loss


Following their Week 2 loss to the Detroit Lions, the Washington Commanders know that frustration alone is not helpful and must be paired with honest constructive criticism. A "learn and grow" mentality after mistakes and missed opportunities is particularly important with so many young players on Washington's roster. 

"There are a lot of young guys on that football field for us," said head coach Ron Rivera. "The big thing is when you're playing young guys, you're going to have to work through some mistakes."  

Failing to shut down six explosive plays by the Lions was a key focus for Rivera in looking back at the defeat in Detroit, an issue he attributes to individual players at times being out of position. This week, the coaching staff will dig into their teaching toolbox to target this problem area.   

"We have different teaching and coaching techniques that you try to use. Everything from just your general basic meeting to using videos, to providing them with notes," Rivera explained. "We have stuff that we put on the iPad, we go through walkthroughs. We give them tests. We go through a variety of different teaching techniques that we try to get through to these guys."  

Though disappointed, Rivera feels positive about the defense's ability to bounce back. It is early in the season, and there is a lot of talent in on the roster, pbut approaching this upcoming week of practice with a growth mindset is a must.   

"I like to think we're still looking forward," Rivera said. "When they [the defense] get down to the detail of what we do, then that's where we just gotta continue to work it, make sure that we all understand it…and we'll go from there."

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