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Robert Griffin III Focused On Final Two Games

Robert Griffin III is focused on winning games and improving -- plain and simple.

The third-year quarterback on Tuesday addressed the media at Redskins Park, where he had a very-straight forward presence about the team's final two games of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

"We've got two games left and we've got to make sure that as a team we go out there ready to play," he said. "These guys in there are the best in the world, so we have to go out there and show it. So I pray that the team is ready to go. I'll make sure I get them ready to go and we'll follow [head coach] Jay [Gruden's] lead."

In last Sunday's game against the New York Giants, Griffin III made his seventh appearance of the season, replacing an injured Colt McCoy in the first quarter.

From the start, the 2012 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year displayed a swagger that clearly trickled into his play, as he connected on his first seven pass attempts for 84 yards and a touchdown toss to running back Chris Thompson.

Griffin III's play -- he finished the game with 236 passing yards with a touchdown along with a season-high 46 yards on the ground -- served as a reminder that he's still capable of making game-changing plays.

Able to move the chains with his arm while also capable of tucking and running with it, Griffin III can make plays but knows he needs to "be smart with the ball."

"It's all about managing the game and being a quarterback," he said. "So you go back, you watch the tape from the past game, you figure out the situations where you could have been more decisive.

"Then you apply that to this game with the game plan we have that way you have an approach towards every single play."

But, with only one touchdown to the offense's credit in the last two games, head coach Jay Gruden is looking for someone to provide a serious jolt for the offense.

Griffin III is hoping to be that guy, especially now that he's back in the starting lineup.

"You've got to have a spark," he said. "We've got to have a spark when you get on the field and we've got to make sure good things are happening early on in the game to make sure that everybody stays locked in.

"I plan to be that spark and facilitate the ball to allow our other guys to make those plays."

Heading into Saturday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Griffin III said he wants to apply knowledge taken from film room sessions into gameday, especially when it comes to getting the ball to the wide receivers.

"I just want to get the ball into the wide receivers' hands and let them do work," he said. "At times we did that in the game and got some big gains from it and that's what we are looking to do.

"This defense that we are facing is real aggressive. They are going to challenge everything and our guys I think are up for the challenge."

All About FootballA self-admitted sociable guy, Griffin III, like many of his teammates, is pretty active on social media.

His goal while using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is to interact with the fanbase when he has some free time on his hands.

But with the Redskins facing the Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in back-to-back weeks -- especially with the chance to spoil either team's playoff aspirations -- Griffin III said he'll remain quiet on those channels over the next few weeks.

"I decided to just shut that down and not focus on that," Griffin III said of social media. "And it's not that I was focused on it before, I just felt like I would cut out a little bit of it for me."

For those of you who do enjoy following Griffin III, though, don't worry – he'll be back on soon.

"I will get back into that in the offseason," he said. "I like to be open and talk to the fans and we'll definitely get back to that, but for now I will just leave it alone."




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