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Rock's World: September 2005

Editor's Note: Fourth-year running back and special teams player Rock Cartwright kept a weekly weblog for in the 2005 season Here is an archive of his entries from September 2005:

-- Friday, September 30 (Fourth Entry)

-- Thursday, Sept. 22 (Third Entry)

-- Thursday, Sept. 15 (Second Entry)

-- Friday, Sept. 9 (First Entry)

Hi everyone. Welcome to my weblog on I'll be looking forward to this every week and I hope you'll look forward to it as well.

This preseason, I had opportunities to show what I can do. I think I did a pretty decent job running the ball and on special teams, but there's always room for improvement.

A lot of people were saying there was a competition between myself and Nemo [rookie running back Nehemiah Broughton]. I think we both did well, actually. Nemo and I have a real good relationship on and off the field. If he needs some help getting around, I'll take him where he needs to go. I'll tell him where he needs to go to look for certain things.

All of the running backs have a real good relationship with each other. We're a close-knit group and I think that's a plus.

I was told that I receive a lot of emails from fans, which is flattering. I guess people like the way I work. I think I'm a true Redskin. I enjoy the fans--we have some of the greatest fans. I try to work hard and I think people really notice that.

Maybe people relate to me because they see me as an underdog because of my height, but at the same time they see how hard I work. I believe that hard work is the key to success.

A question I'm asked a lot is why I changed my jersey number this year. I changed my jersey number because my mom passed away a year ago on Memorial Day, the 31st of May. I changed it in memory of her. That's the main reason. My mom was my everything. I know she's watching me right now and I just try to work hard for her.

Thanks for the support. We'll need you fans every week. This Sunday's game is a big one for us. The first game is real big and we're looking forward to playing well and giving you a win. I'll see you next week.

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