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Rocky McIntosh Introductory Press Conference


On LB Roger "Rocky" McIntosh:

"We appreciate everyone coming out today. It is a fun day for us and an exciting day for Rocky. Anytime you get a chance to play professional football when you have dreamed about it your entire life you have to be excited about it, and I know he is excited about that. I want to review a couple of things as to why we gave as much as we did to wind up with Rocky. First of all, we feel like he is a player that can play all three positions at linebacker. We know he can play outside at strong or weak. Dale (Lindsey) feels like as he gets familiar with what we are doing he could go inside and make the calls in there should we need him to do that. He is very flexible from that standpoint. The other reason why we were so anxious to add Rocky to our program is because he can play all three downs. He can play first and second down run and he also is a very good cover guy. Obviously, he is a very good athlete who can run. That was very important for us. He is someone who is very bright and sharp. We felt like he fit with us."

On University of Miami football:

"It is important where you play. We have outstanding players from down there. When you watch them you see that football is a big deal at Miami. They play a tremendous schedule. When you are looking at somebody, if they can play at Miami and be a leader then chances are he is going to be very successful up here too."


On joining the Redskins:

"I would like to thank everybody for being here. I would like to thak Mr. Snyder and Coach Gibbs for giving me a job. I am glad to be here and be part of this organization. I thank the coaching staff for going out and doing research on me and coming down and getting me. I feel welcome here and feel very thankful to be here."

On RB Clinton Portis, WR Santana Moss and S Sean Taylor all having attended the University of Miami:

"It is pretty cool. I am around those guys all of the time. Sean (Taylor) stayed in my complex so I saw him a lot. I played with all of them except for Santana (Moss) but I see him all the time. We get along great. I think if they made it here and did well then I can too."

On why he attended the University of Miami:

"It was very appealing. There are all kinds of things going on down there. The coaching staff was great. They gave me a challenge. There were great guys in (current NY Jets linebacker) Jonathan Vilma and DJ Williams (current Denver Broncos linebacker). It was a good challenge to go down there to go and work."

On his expectations in coming to Washington:

"People can label me however they want but I know what I have to do. I have to go out and work. I have a job. I need to go out there and keep it, do what the coaches ask me, and just try to help my team win."

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