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Rogers, Campbell Introductory Press Conference


On the two first round draft picks:

"I think we are proud of both of our guys are from Auburn. Maybe it is just that we like winners. They go undefeated and we like them. We are hoping some of that will carry over to the Redskins."

On corner back Carlos Rogers:

"He is the Jim Thorpe Award winner. We think for us as we were evaluating everything for the Washington Redskins, we thought he was a guy that would fit in perfectly here with us. He is a real athletic corner and the right kind of person, which is most important first of all for us, being the right kind of person and having the right kind of character for us and also being a great football player. The other thing about Carlos, I could read down
a lot of stats, everything from his pass deflections leading the team, and his 182 tackles.

"We think he is somebody that is physical besides being a great athlete. As we all know up here at this level, defenses today want to overload the front box, they want to put everybody in there. There is only one way you can do that, if you can count on those guys outside. If you feel like you have the quality people outside you can do that. Our defense, Gregg (Williams) and all the guys over there in their long evaluation process for us, certainly think Carlos fits that for us. We think he is going to be a great player for the Redskins and we are excited about having him."


On being selected by the Redskins:

"First of all I would like to thank God for the opportunity for me to come in and be a Redskin. This was something I was looking forward to ever since I came here on my visit. Talking the coaches, I like this whole coaching staff. I like this defense. It is a
defense that I am kind of familiar with&I just want you all to welcome me in here and I am pretty sure that I will wear this burgundy and gold proud."

On what about the defensive scheme that he liked:

"First of all I just got a little taste of the defense from the meetings. It is basically the same things that I am used to from Auburn. I like the attitude of the coaches. They want you to come in and work and it is not given to you because you are a first round pick.

"That something I understood from growing up and playing football at each level. I have to work and that is one thing I am about, working for a position."

On if he feels any pressure with replacing Fred Smoot and coming onto a defense that finished ranked third in the NFL last season:

"I don't feel there is any pressure. It is something that I am going to work hard at to do, trying to get in and work and get used to the defense and the terminology. The position is not given to me. I have to come in and work and try to earn the position."

On how he felt when he received the phone call telling him that he was going to be picked by the Redskins:

"I was a little nervous at first because I was hearing Mike Williams and Carlos Rogers. Then they got on the phone with me with eight minutes on the clock. They just talked to me and tried to keep me calm. I was acting like I was calm but I was nervous inside. Then one minute was left on the clock and Coach Gibbs got on the phone and said, 'Welcome to the Redskins.'"


On the tradition of playing with the Redskins:

"I have talked to both of the guys here about what a great tradition there is here with the Washington Redskins. I have been a part of it for a few years. I think the most impressive thing for me is all of the people that have gone on before in this franchise. It is not us but it is our job to try and carry on the tradition of the Washington Redskins. I think it is one of the greatest sports franchises in history. I have talked to them a lot about Washington and what it means being here and playing for the Washington Redskins and how important the team is to this city. We love this city and it is one of the greatest places in
the world to play and coach. We talked long and hard about that with both of our guys."

On quarterback Jason Campbell:

"Jason I think some of the things you could say here to re-emphasize some of the things we talked about the other day is that he is 31-8 as a starter at Auburn. Obviously he had some great football players there with him. Also is a very good basketball player. I talked to his dad who is a basketball coach, I called him coach. I talked to him and asked how he got him over into football and he said to be quite truthful I think he could have made it in basketball too. Obviously I think he has had a great career there, he had a ton of yards.

"One thing that was important for us was his history. He won it all as a junior in high school in a very competitive brand of football, and turned around and went back to the semi-finals as a senior. Then he turns around and goes undefeated at Auburn. Obviously he had a lot of help handing off to a good running back and yelling at Carlos (Rogers) to stop them. They had a pretty good deal all around."


On being selected by the Redskins:

"First of all I would like to say it is an honor to God being in this position to have this opportunity to make it to the NFL. It is a dream come true. This is something as a kid that you dream of, wanting to play here when you get to this level. It is a dream come true and for my parents who have supported me and always been there for me it is a great day for us."

On when he started to dream about the NFL:

"One of my friends, Steve McNair, from home came from a small town and he had the opportunity to make it to the National Football League. I always saw myself in that same position, having the opportunity to follow in his footsteps. Seeing that he made it from a small town showed that there are a lot of opportunities out there for myself."

On what the best advice Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair gave him:

"He told me to be myself and not change anything that I do. He said to just continue to work hard, be competitive because that is what got you to this level. He always said nothing comes easy. You have to work hard at what you want. Success is not given to
you, you have to earn success."

On if he feels any pressure in wearing former Redskins quarterback Doug Williams (#17) and also in being an African American quarterback:

"I do not feel any pressure. I know Mr. Williams personally. I had an opportunity to participate under him at the Senior Bowl for an entire week. He always gave me great advice. He was always saying how he was pushing for me and rooting me on. If I need
anything, any help or any questions I always call him. I can't put myself in comparison with him. I just have to be myself and do what I can do best because that is what got me to this point."

On if he feels he will play right away or if he will sit for a couple of years before he gets a chance to play:

"That is not my decision. My goal is to come in and learn as much as possible as quickly as I can, just be competitive and work hard every day. Just go out and be myself. When it comes time for that coaches make that decision, not the players. It is just something that I have to continue to work on everyday to get better. When your opportunity comes you just have to make sure that you are ready."

On if he is ready for the pressure of being a Washington quarterback and in the quarterback controversy that could arise:

"That is something that comes with the territory. You play this position you have to understand that you have to have thick skin. You can't listen to all the things going on outside of the organization. As a quarterback you are kind of like a family leader. What goes on within the team stays within the team. You try to organize people around you and you try to be a leader on and off the field. You can not get caught up into all the things
that go on that you can't control. My goal is to work hard and just be the person that I am."

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