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Ryan Kerrigan Celebrates Summer With The Richmond Boys & Girls Club 


On the last day of summer programs at the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Richmond, kids ranging from ages 6-18 spent the morning with Redskins outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, who stopped by to celebrate the season and provide some advice for them.

Kerrigan was greeted by staff members before getting up on the stage in the facility's theater and performing arts room to remind children about the importance of eating healthy, exercising and reading.

After explaining the importance of maintaining those important habits, Kerrigan answered some questions from those listening, which ranged from his experience playing against various teams (playing against the Eagles was a favorite subject) to his best statistical seasons in the NFL. Kerrigan answered all of the questions, and some of which gave him a good chuckle.

Afterwards, Kerrigan set up at a table and signed autographs for everyone, posing for pictures with a couple kids that were ecstatic to meet their favorite athlete. He then posed for a group photo before going on a tour of the facility. During the tour, Kerrigan stopped inside each of the various classrooms, learning about the program from three hand-picked kids. From the art room and computer lab to the health room and cafeteria, Kerrigan stopped to learn more about the program from both children and staff.

When Kerrigan stopped in one of the classrooms, he encountered several Richmond police officers teaching the children about resilience, one of the many lessons they received from the police during the program, as officers come to the facility every Friday to provide a new lesson and give advice. When Kerrigan stopped in the room, he shared his own personal story of adversity and resilience, describing the tough beginning he had to the 2015 season in which he struggled compared to previous seasons, and broke his hand during the middle of the year.

However, Kerrigan explained that by hard work, resilience and a strong support group around him, he was able to bounce back and close the season out strong, as the Redskins won the NFC East division and made the playoffs. He stressed the importance of having a strong support group and working on facing, and ultimately defeating, adversity in whatever form it comes.

Kerrigan finished up his tour of the facility by checking out the basketball court and baseball field, in which he also learned about the summer celebration the children had the previous day, which included showing Kerrigan a video of several kids dancing in the talent show.

Kerrigan concluded his visit by taking pictures with the staff members and talking to the kids in a more relaxed setting. The children applauded and thanked Kerrigan as he exited the facility, closing out a fun and engaging event for the star linebacker to connect with the community.

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