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Samuels: It's 'Execution,' Not New Offense

Left tackle Chris Samuels, a 2005 Pro Bowler, disagrees with the notion that the offensive struggles stem mostly from learning a new scheme. He says the problems are the result of lack of execution. Samuels spoke with and reporters on Wednesday:

Q: Do you feel like players are still mastering the new offense right now?

A: "We have to get better at the offense, but we have to get better at our technique and our execution, too. We know what we have to do in this offense, we just have to go out there and get it done. We'll win games when we go out and execute the way we're supposed to."

Q: Are you surprised it's Week 3 and the offense is still a work in progress?

A: "I am a little surprised, I thought we would be further along at this point. We have time to get better, though."

Q: Were some of the pass protection problems against the Cowboys the result of falling behind in the game?

A: "You know what, no matter what happens in a game, we still have a job to do, and we have to go out and protect [the quarterback] no matter what. If we go out and throw it 100 times, we have to protect him 100 times."

Q: Coach Gibbs said he sat down with the team and reviewed all of the 11 penalties from the game. What was that session like?

A: "It was tough for me, because I had one off-sides penalty. I don't want to hurt my team or put us in a bad situation. I just have to focus. It was tough down there [at Texas Stadium]--the crowd was loud, but I can do a better job."

Q: What does the team do to maintain confidence during tough times?

A: "You just have to continue to believe in yourself. If you start getting down on yourself or lose your confidence, then things won't go well for you. We're not worried about looking at 0-3. We're confident and we're optimistic. We just have to execute better."

Q: Is this team in a position where it simply cannot lose to the 0-2 Texans on Sunday?

A: "You know what? It's crazy that you would ask me that question. Those guys are pros. If we go out there and half-step it, then we can get beat."

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