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Samuels: 'We Have Players Who Believe'

Q: How has this offense improved over last season?

A: "A lot of people have to realize that coach Gibbs was out of the game for a while. So things had changed coming into last season. He really didn't know what to expect. In preparing last season and playing the games, we struggled a bit in different situations. He basically came in and broke down everything from last season and created a new style offense. It's pretty much the same, but there are some new things here and there to help us out with the blitz. We're doing a whole lot better job out there."

Q: How impressed are you, from your standpoint, in the chemistry that has developed between Mark Brunell and Santana Moss?

A: "It's an outstanding combination. We definitely needed a deep threat. We got it in Santana. I'm amazed at the guy. When he caught that screen pass against Kansas City, he just blew by that guy. The safety had the angle on him, but he still blew by him. It's just unbelievable, the speed that he has and what he's added to this offense."

Q: How important is it to have players on offense who believe in the offensive game plan?

A: "It's hard enough to get 11 guys all on the same page and to go out there and execute the offense. If you have a few guys who don't believe, then that's going to hurt your team. We've had guys who just weren't that hungry. So we weeded those bad apples out, and now we have players who believe in what we're doing. They are here working hard every day. It's helped us out."

Q: Are you surprised that Mark Brunell has been able to play so well after what happened with him last season?

A: "I'm not surprised about Mark. I always knew he had the talent. Things just weren't working out for us last year. Now that we have guys who are hungry, Mark is showing he can do what he's done in the past. He's playing really well."

Q: The rumor is that Mark Brunell likes to tell corny jokes in the huddle. What's that all about?

A: "Mark is just a laid-back guy. A lot of guys get uptight in the huddle, but Mark will loosen you up. He'll crack a joke here and there. I think that helps. He's a veteran guy and teammates look up to him a lot."

Q: Are his jokes any funny?

A: "Some of them are funny."

Q: Why is the offense having difficulty getting a rushing touchdown?

A: "It is surprising. Clinton Portis is a great back and we have a great offensive line. I think a lot of defenses are keying on it when we get down there. As long as we're scoring with the receivers, I think Clinton will be happy. We'll get it on track, it's just the situations we've been in have forced us to throw in the red zone a little more."

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