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Santana Moss Media Session

On the difference between a speedy wide receiver and a playmaker:

"I don't know. All I can say is that I use my ability to the best that I can use it. Some guys in this league are fortunate to have speed. I like to tie my speed in with my quickness to make sure that I can get open as quickly as possible."

On the importance of being patient when running routes:

"It's very important. I can't sit here and say that I'm always patient, because I'm not. I see myself a lot in practice and even games coming out of [my route] too fast, when I should have stayed in it. I correct myself mostly when I see that and I [then] try to do it differently. Sometimes in a game, you have to be impatient because you might get some blitzes or man-to-man [coverage from the defense]. That might force you to come out of your route a little bit faster. It's very important to be patient, but it [isn't always appropriate]."

On whether he has played with more patience this season than in past seasons:

"I can't say that I have. I go off of whatever look [the defense gives me]. If they give me press [coverage], I know [immediately] that my route has to be a little bit quicker. If they give me soft [coverage], I can take my time. I look at it like that, and then I go from there."

On Broncos CB, #24 Champ Bailey:

"I'm going to watch film [of him] today after practice. From the film that I've seen, [I know] that he's the same guy [as in past seasons]. He's a very athletic corner. You don't get many like him. He has quickness and speed. He seeks the ball. He's like a receiver playing cornerback. From playing against him once [as a member of the Jets], I just know that you have to be sharp against him. But you have to be sharp against everyone. You don't want to get ready more for one guy than anyone else. I tend to just know who I'm going against and make sure that I'm alright. I can't sit there and worry about Champ or whoever else they're going to have on me. Whatever comes up [on Sunday], I'm going to be ready for."

On his apparent chemistry with Redskins QB, #8 Mark Brunell:

"We're just playing football. [As a result], we're going to have chemistry and get better. We're just going off of what we know and what we've practiced together. We're running what we've run since [off-season Organized Team Activities]. We're just trying to make plays out of them."

On the key to his potential match-up against Broncos CB, #24 Champ Bailey:

"The key is in [the fact that] Champ has to worry about what he has to do and I have to worry about what I have to do. I'm sure that whatever route is called [for a given play], I'm going to run that route to the best of my ability. If they throw it to me, they do; if they don't, then they don't. At the same time, Champ just can't say, 'I'm [only] going to worry about Santana.' There are a lot of other guys on that field he has to worry about. I'm pretty sure that it's not just going to be Champ alone who is going to be keying in on me. He might have some help over top or some help inside. Both players in that situation just have to worry about making their [respective] jobs as easy as possible."

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