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Santana Moss 'No Question' Still Wants To Play

Washington Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss lives each day and each season the same, with an eye on getting better and not on the possibility that his playing career may be ending soon. 

"Honestly, I'm treating this like another year," he said. "I know I'll put the stuff in my bag and put the bag in my locker and say I'll be back later in the week for it, so that's what I'm going to do."

But for Moss, a 14-year veteran who recorded his lowest numbers in 2014 in terms of receptions and yards since his second season in 2002, the reality is this season may be different.

A countdown of the top-10 images of wide receiver Santana Moss during the 2014 season.

Throughout the season he was listed fifth on the team's unofficial depth chart and was inactive for the first five games of the season, marking the first time he was a healthy scratch on gameday since being acquired by the Redskins before the 2005 season.

Regardless, Moss said he's approached each day the same because it helps him "keep an easy head."

"A lot of people go through a lot of stuff and we all go through different things and if you let it wear on your shoulders and think it every day, it'll tear you apart," he said. "So I just enjoy it and like I say, I never put any goals up. I never look ahead and I just hope for the best and that's what I'm going to always do."

If Moss did indeed play his last game with the Redskins, he's left quite the legacy in Washington.

Drafted by the New York Jets 16th overall in the 2001 NFL Draft, Moss was traded to the Redskins on March 10, 2005, in a straight-up wide receiver swap for Laveranues Coles.

In only his second game wearing burgundy and gold, Moss had an all-time performance, recording two touchdowns late against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football to give the Redskins a legendary come-from-behind victory.

It was the start of an All-Pro season in which he would haul in 84 balls for a career-high 1,483 yards and nine touchdowns.

He currently ranks near the top in all receiving categories for the Redskins, as he's third in career receptions (581), fourth in receiving yards (7,867) and seventh in touchdowns (47).

Throughout all the highs and all the lows, Moss said he's appreciated everything he's endured over the years.

"When it's over, you appreciate everything that you put into it and the journey that you took with these guys," he said. "It's always fun going out there and preparing with one goal in mind and that's to go out there win."

Part of the fun for Moss, as well, is the fact every game and every season is different.

"We never know what the outcome is going to be, so you always anticipate something different than what happens and at the end, whether you win or lose, you still appreciate going out there and going through that battle with your friends and everything," he said. "I just appreciate everything about this job. …But when it's over and going through the stuff we've been going through, it's kind of one of those feelings that's okay, now we can really exhale and try to put that behind us."

Before putting the final touches on cleaning out his locker, Moss was asked point blank if he still wants to play.

Moss was straight-forward in his response.

"No question," he said. "I barely played this year. You think I want to just go out like that?"




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