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Santana Moss Post-Game Press Conference

On the drama of every Redskins game coming down to the last minute:
"You wish you could do something different but as long as they're [wins], I'll take them."

On how he felt to see other wide receivers get involved on deep passes in the Redskins' 16-13 win over the Green Bay Packers:
"It's good. I feel like we all had an opportunity. When you're the only guy to do that then you get a lot of eyes. Now I have weapons outside of me, so I can kind of hide here-and-there and run some routes that I've been wanting to run for so long. It's great to have those guys and I just hope that they can keep showing up every week."

On the difference between this team and teams in previous seasons:
"The difference is that we have a different mentality. Our whole mental is so much different from the years before. We had guys on the team that when we get in those tough situations would just give in. I think what [head] coach [Mike] Shanahan has brought is putting us through a lot of things early – training camps, offseason workouts – just to show us that there are going to be situations throughout the season that we are going to have to face and we are going to have to call on each other. We've seen a lot of that this year, so far. We've been counting on each other to just make a play and offensively we know we played whack for the first three quarters. Fourth quarter, someone said 'hey just make a play.' And when that one play was made we just kind of built off of it. Then you seen it kind of caught on like a wildfire, everybody wanting to make a play. It's contagious. That's some of the things that you can sense of this team that is different from last year."

On having players that can step up at any time:
"I'm one of those guys that I don't like to listen to a lot of stuff that is on the outside because if you let the negative come in then you are going to think it and you're going to play that way. So I just like to stay in one box. When you feed into negativity it kind of makes you sense the same thing or feel the same way. We're only human. I've always said, 'this offseason let people talk about what we don't have, who we need, let's just go out here and do what we do and if we do that then they will stop that talking.'"

On the amount of respect he has for Donovan McNabb:"I love him. Just knowing that we had this guy from day one when he came over just changed my whole mentality of who I can be now again, who I can go out there and be as far as being a receiver, being that guy. You just to see him out there time after time, even when he is pressured and you feel like there is nothing that he can do, he just finds a way and I love him for that."

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