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Santana Moss Training Camp Media Session

August 2, 2009 Redskins Park


On if he enjoyed practicing in the rain today:
"Most receivers don't like practicing wet because it kind of throws your day off; I mean you don't want to drop balls. But, you have to prepare for it, for days like this. Knowing we have to deal with it regardless, you just try to not think about it and go with it."

On if he purposely made his lower body more muscular:
"No, it is just something I do often. I try to build a base, so when I come to camp and all the running and all the heat breaks everything down, I have something to break down. When you come in with nothing to break down you kill your legs. So, I just get my whole body up so by the time I come to camp with all the running they're having me doing and all the work I put in, once it breaks down to the natural, real size I am going to be I'll be okay."

On if he worked out differently this offseason:
"I just rested more this year. Then about a month and a half, when I know it's time to get ready to get back, about six to seven weeks of straight weight lifting and running everyday, or about four days a week. It was a little different as far as how I did it, but what I did, I have been doing it for awhile. Usually I come home early when I get out of the season and start around April and go from April all the way to. I take all that other time and enjoy it, rest and chill. I did stuff to keep me going, it just wasn't weight stuff."

On if being 30 requires him to need more recuperation time:
"I should've done this when I was younger, honestly. I was one of those guys who doesn't know how to stay out of the gym. When college kids get ready to come out I'd be in there with them, like I'd have to get ready for something. Then you look at the season and how you came out and how you feel. I start saying to myself 'man I feel like I had two seasons instead of one because of how I took on my offseason.' Dealing with guys that have played the game for awhile, being around those guys and being able to take advice from them helped me to be able to find a pattern that was going to fit me. Last year I started it and it worked well, I felt great the whole season. So I said, 'well, why don't I come into this offseason and take a little more off and then pile it all on before camp, so I can come up to camp rolling. Instead of lifting and working out and then stopping a week before camp and then having to start all over.' I came to camp just rolling and I haven't missed a beat."

On if Antwaan Randle El was upset that Coach Zorn said he wanted either Malcolm Kelly or Devin Thomas taking over his position:
"I always tell you that I tend to what I have to do and I can't worry about everybody else. But, you don't know what's going on with him though. He's not that type of guy. If there is something going on, if he's mad about it I think he shows it by playing on the field. He's one of those guys that you never really see him mad you never see him get outside his character so I don't think he is taking it on differently. I just think there is opportunity on this offseason that if he gets enough catches he will be playing on the slot position because we are on the field so much. That is why I don't think it isn't disappointing him because he knows this offense revolves around three receivers."

On having Malcolm Kelly or Devin Thomas on the field and giving him more room on the field:
"I mean I'm just excited to use anybody that we have. You hear all season long 'this guy needs to step up, that guy needs to step up.' I don't think they weren't doing what they were supposed to do, it is just the offense just needs to allow everyone to be themselves and contribute. You get caught up going to some of these guys like me and Cooley, but you have to give the little guys a chance because some of those games could've been turned differently if we took advantage of some of those one on ones or some of the coverage that people didn't put on the back side. It is all about giving those guys opportunities. If they had the opportunity and then didn't show up we could talk about it, talk about why they should step up. But, I don't think they didn't go out there with having the intentions on not having a good season or a good game. I just feel like once they get in the rhythm of getting the opportunities and getting chances, then this offense can revolve around everybody and you will see less double coverages here and there. Then again, I remember two years ago when Randle El was having a phenomenal season and mine was just alright and they were still doubling me. So you never know what you're going to get from people so you just have to go out there and play."

On if he sees a difference in Devin Thomas this training camp:
"If you say you don't then you would be lying. Any guy who went through the year that he went through, on his first year and really getting the bumps and bruises. Not even that he was getting injured, but just knowing how to take every week. He didn't know what to expect. So, now he knows what to expect a little bit more and he's watched the guys in front of him so he knows to approach the game. Yes, he looks a lot better than last year and a lot more focused. His routes are sharper, he's catching the ball with more emphasis, he just seems well rounded right now like he knows what his purpose is and he wants to show everybody what he is here for."

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