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Saunders On No Huddle: 'Comfort Level'

Every week, chats with a Redskins coach about a hot topic. This week: Saunders on Jason Campbell and the Dallas Cowboys' defense:

"Jason Campbell did a great job running the no-huddle offense last Sunday. He got himself in a great rhythm offensively. What we do is give him a variety of plays to go to, based on the down and distance.

"We were able to give him a couple of calls during the course of the game. It gave him an opportunity to kind of get himself in a rhythm calling the plays that he feels comforatble with, based on the defense and calling the play within the menu [of plays].

"Sometimes a quarterback gets a lot more comfortable that way.

"In Dallas this Sunday, Jason will be going up against a 3-4 defensive alignment for the third time in four games. The 3-4 defense presents a lot of different issues when it's done well, especially in pass protection.

"For the most part, the guards go uncovered and the offensive linemen have to do different things mechanically and technically in how they block pass rushers. Plus, the pass rushers and the blitzers come from different looks.

"We've played several teams that have given us those looks before, so we have a background of playing against that particular alignment. Not many teams play it as well as Dallas, though.

"They have some great players and their two edge rushers [Greg Ellis and DeMarcus Ware] are terrific. They have big, physical guys on the line. They present some real problems with what they do.

"The defense that Wade [Phillips] is running is not tremendously different from what the Cowboys were running last year. When Wade was in San Diego, I competed against him quite a bit.

"He is truly a 3-4 coach. It's like when he was in Buffalo, when he had those great defenses in Buffalo. There are 3-4 defenses and there are a lot of variations of it, but he's a pure 3-4 guy. He does a real good job with it.

"They do a lot of the same things they did last year, but they've added a few wrinkles based on their personnel."

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