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Sean Taylor Media Session, Wild Card Week

On his emotions going into his first playoff game:

"I am relaxed. I am cool. It is like another week for me. We are enjoying our extended vacation we have here at the Washington Redskins Facility. It is definitely a pleasure to be able to work again. There are a lot of teams that don't have this opportunity and a lot of teams sitting home watching these games that are going to be coming on this weekend. We just want to try and continue to be a team playing and not sitting at home watching."

On the importance of this game against Tampa:

"I think everybody has taken it personally. They also know that this is something that we have to face. It is do or die. It is either us or them. Somebody is going to walk off a loser and a winner. That is very obvious. We are ready to take this challenge. I think we are focused and prepared. We have been playing every week and we are going to play this week."

On how they are playing as a defense right now:

"I feel like we are playing good enough to win right now and that is what you have to do, play good enough to win. Do I think we can get better? Yes we can get better. But it comes with working and time. We are gelling as we are going through the season and the playoff season. This is a whole new season for us and we have to continue to be on the same page."

On Tampa QB Chris Simms:

"He has gotten better. He has played good defenses. He has played the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers with good defensive ends, defensive backs and linebackers. He has played some competition. I think he has proven himself. You have to give the man credit. But every week in this league you have to prove yourself. If he doesn't prove himself this week I guess you guys (the media) can jump on him. But if he does you will also be talking to him because he burned us up in the secondary. I think we will be alright."

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