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Sean Taylor Mini-Camp Media Session

On what it's like to be back at Redskins Park with the team:

"It's a great feeling, I'm glad to be back with my teammates. For my family and my teammates, we're happy to have everything behind us. The other stuff has kind of been like a gray cloud over my head, but now I can see a little bit of light. I have a couple of things I still need to do as far speaking to schools and things like that, but that's not outside of my limits."

On his first impression of the revamped offense:

"They're definitely moving the ball up and down the field and looking a lot sharper. A new offense is just a new offense, but I am definitely impressed with what I see."

On whether the off-season acquisitions of veterans Adam Archuleta and Andre Carter will make him better in 2006:

"Definitely. All of those guys are bringing special attributes in their own little ways and right now we're just all learning different positions so we can help each other."

On what he expects from himself in the coming season:

"I don't know--we'll see. I'm just happy to be out here, running around, who knows what the season will hold."

On how long it will take him to get comfortable opposite Archuleta:

"I don't think it's any problem because once somebody comes into our meeting rooms and things like that, we kind of become one. We've been meeting together, conversing together, working on plays together, that's what it's about. If you come here and you don't want to say anything and you don't want to speak and be a teammate, then you're no good to the Washington Redskins, everybody works together here."

On how difficult it will be for opposing defenses to face the Redskins receivers:

"Santana Moss and Brandon Lloyd, those are some nice receivers, Antwaan Randle El is a pretty tough guy to contain and we also have our tight ends so it's going to be very tough for other teams to defend because you just can't focus on one guy."

On whether or not practicing against those receivers will make him a better player:

"Of course [it will make me better], because we're getting a variety of guys as far as speed, as far as height, as far as different route combinations, different variations of guys just running different patters is going to be excellent work for us in our one-on-one skills and our zone coverages-our cover two's and things like that."

On the difference between this off-season and last off-season football-wise:

"Everything is still the same--it's just a matter of sharpening up your tools and trying to become a better player. I wasn't the best player last year and I'm always looking for improvement."

On what parts of his game he'd like to improve going into his third season:

"I was pleased with everything, but obviously I can get better. Unless I'm at the top of my level as far as safeties go-I think I still have a way to travel to be with the Troy Polamalus, the Edward Reeds--I'm still only getting two or three interceptions a year, so I would like to see my interceptions go up. Just to see my production go up just to help the team win, getting to the playoffs isn't good enough for us, we'd like to eventually win a Super Bowl one day and sooner would be greater than later."

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