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Season's End Comes Too Soon For Fletcher

On the emotional impact of seeing the team's quest of the past six weeks come to an end:

"I think to a man everyone is disappointed with the outcome of this game – really disappointed because we really didn't think this was going to end without us reaching Phoenix. We were so confident, we felt like we were playing so well, that we weren't going to be defeated without getting to the Super Bowl. Today, we battled, battled, battled, and then we get the lead. Then we get the (ball) on the kickoff and we're thinking, 'We're going to Dallas next week.' We know what we were going to do to them. It didn't work out for us. It just doesn't seem right that it's over for us."

On whether he has been on a closer team given what this team has endured:

"No. I haven't been part of a team that's been more resilient, a team that has been more battle-tested. We lost some close ball games down the stretch. We blew some second-half leads. Then Sean's death. Then we get a four-game winning streak against some really good football teams. We get into the playoffs. I mean, we've had so many emotions. We've gone through so many different things. We could help but be as close as this team (is). Nobody really believed in us outside of our organization. So we're an extremely close team."

On what he'll look back on with the greatest amount of pride:

"I think the thing I'll be most proud of is the fact that when the odds were stacked against us, when everyone had counted us out, we were 5-7 coming off a last-second loss, having buried our teammate, everything seemed gloomy for us, and we went to work. Week in and week out, we played what we call Redskin football and got into the playoffs. The way we handled ourselves down the stretch those last four games was unbelievable."

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