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Silas Redd Jr. Remains On Track In Recovery


After suffering a season-ending torn ACL and MCL injury in the preseason opener, Silas Redd Jr. feels his rehab is right on track for a healthy return next training camp.

Sundays aren't easy for Washington Redskins running back Silas Redd Jr. right now.

He's supporting his brothers from afar, live-tweeting his thoughts during games, but that's as close as he can get to the game right now as he recovers from a torn ACL and MCL suffered in the preseason opener against the Cleveland Browns.

"They're bittersweet," Redd Jr. told "Obviously I love supporting my guys, and watching them do their thing out there, but obviously I want to be out there."

Redd Jr. underwent successful surgery on Aug. 20.

He was on crutches for a little bit, but has since gotten back on his own two feet.

As the days go on, so too does a greater range of motion.

"I got full extension now and almost full flexion," Redd Jr. said. "I'm almost bending my knee at full range. So I've just really been working on that, starting to get in the weight room a little bit, doing some leg press these past couple weeks. Calf raises, weighted calf raises, just picking things up."

Redd Jr. was a surprising active roster addition last season as an undrafted rookie. Starting training camp as pretty much an overthought, he strung together four solid performances during the 2014 preseason slate.

He would appear sparingly during his rookie season, but did get his first career touchdown in a Week 2 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Returning for his second season with the Redskins, the USC product was supposed to battle with Chris Thompson among others for the team's third running back role.

While the chance to prove himself once again pretty much ended as soon as it started, he's not down on what's happened to him.

A countdown of the Top 10 images of Redskins running back Silas Redd Jr. during the 2014 season.

"You've got to respect the process and take it as it comes," Redd Jr. said. "And I'm just ready to get back in the swing of things."

Hopeful to be completely healthy by the start of the team's next training camp, Redd Jr. started a new phase of his rehab work recently.

"I'm going to be getting on the Hydroworx, the underwater treadmill, start moving with that," he said. "I tore my MCL, too, so I got to wait for that to heal, that's why it's been taking me so long to get in the pool and start moving."

The ebbs and flows of the running game
Some weeks it's an easy 100 yards, the next you're struggling to get to even 50.

That's life as a running back, and the Redskins' have experienced this this season with all three – Alfred Morris, Matt Jones and Thompson – of their backs.

Starting the season strong with Morris and Jones each recording 100-plus-yard games during the first two weeks, they've struggled recently.

"The thing with the run game, you're going to have stretches like that and I know the type of guys we have with Fredo and Matt and Chris, things are going to get rolling," Redd Jr. said. "We've just got to keep at it, stick to the game plan. I know we're a heavy run team, and nothing's going to change. We're going to find our lanes."




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