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Springs: 'We Didn't Want the Ride to End'

On the emotions of the season ending:

"It was tough today. You have to take your hats off those guys played very well. We didn't want the ride to end but it did."

On not achieving the goal for Sean Taylor:

"Sad. I think that we felt like we had something special but it just didn't work today."

On the 4th quarter being the difference in the game:

"Yeah, those guys are competitive. We jumped out on them and I was telling someone earlier this week Matt is probably the best quarterback we would have to face during the NFC playoffs and he ran back out, accepted the challenge and moved those guys down the field."

On if there is any relief to such a hard season being over:

"I think that we would have preferred to have the ending that we wanted, but it's over so you just have to start all over next year."

On the up-and-down nature of the game:

"The whole game was like that, going back and forth. We knew if we could just keep it close we could have a chance and we jumped up and they came right back and before you know it the game got out of control."

On the play of Marcus Trufant:

"That's my guy. Everyone knows that me and Marcus (Trufant) have a special relationship because I was here with him when he got drafted and I think he is awesome. He has been playing great all year and obviously he has been selected to the pro bowl and that play put us away. That was the nail in coffin. I have seen him do it all year. I think he did it in Arizona, too. He has been playing awesome.

On if he thinks that he will be back next year:

"What do I think? I don't know. It was a tough offseason this last offseason. It's not up to me, it's up to Coach Gibbs and Dan Snyder what they want to do."

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