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Terrance Plummer Next Up At Inside Linebacker


Terrance Plummer -- a college free agent signed in May -- will now be asked to be a full-time special teams contributor and backup at inside linebacker following Martrell Spaight's season-ending injury.

With Martrell Spaight officially out for the season after suffering a concussion during the season opener against the Miami Dolphins, the Redskins will now rely on Terrance Plummer to be one of the team's backup inside linebackers.

Check out images of rookie linebacker Terrance Plummer during his first few months with the Washington Redskins.

A college free agent out of the University of Central Florida, Plummer got called into action during last Sunday's 24-10 victory over the St. Louis Rams, seeing action on 24 special teams plays.

"I think I did alright," Plummer said of his performance. "There is always room for improvement. I got that penalty on that holding call, just got to be a little more savvy about what I'm doing. I just wanted to help the team out anyway I can so that's on special teams and in the future it will be on special teams. If somebody else goes down I need to step up and be ready but I think I did okay. I wouldn't grade myself an A or a B but I see myself steadily improving." Plummer is one of the more energetic and vocal players on the team despite being a 22-year-old rookie.

That enthusiasm for the game was evident during the preseason when the undrafted linebacker recorded 13 tackles in four games, good enough for third on the team.

After just one taste of regular season action, though, Plummer already understands the differences.

"It's for real now," Plummer said. "In the preseason, I was just fighting for a spot but now I'm still fighting for respect from other teams and from my teammates being a rookie. I just want them to know that they can go out there and trust me. It's a big deal when it's a regular season game so just go out there and do what you need to do, stay the extra time with the coaches and make sure that you're prepared for the game so that's how it's different."

Plummer could possibly see even more action on Thursday night against the New York Giants, as starting inside linebacker Perry Riley Jr. has not practiced this week due to a calf injury suffered in the victory over the Rams.

It's a cliché often used in sports -- especially in football -- but Plummer knows the situation with Spaight and Riley Jr. makes him "the next man up."

"Spaight is a great teammate, that's my good friend," Plummer said. "I thought he was going to bounce back from it. So this gives him a chance to relax and get his mind right cause I know he'll be back ready next year, ready to go and it gives me a chance to get me some game experience and benefit off it. You never want to see your teammate go down but I got an opportunity, so I need to run with it."




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