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The case for Tress Way to make his second Pro Bowl

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Think about all the punters you can name in the NFL. Now, narrow that list down to all the punters that can be considered dangerous. 

It is probably a short list, right? Well, regardless of which punters you could name, Tress Way should be on that list. Why? Because coach Ron Rivera used that word to describe the Washington Commanders' most experienced player. 

"One of those things obviously is for when he kicks the ball, whether it be indoors or outdoors, he has that ability to have the ball drift or move a little bit. When the wind picks up a little bit, he becomes even more dangerous," Rivera said. 

Of all the things coaches want their punters to be, consistent is one of the most important. And Way, who is in his ninth season with the Commanders, has not just been consistent; he has been one of the best punters in the league. That is why you should vote Way to his second Pro Bowl, then check out his stats and vote again. 

As the NFL enters Week 14 of the season, Way is among the best in several categories. He is fourth in yards (3,101), first in punts inside the 20-yard line (30), first in fair catches (22) and tied for ninth in net average (43.5).

In terms Ways' previous seasons, the veteran is also putting together one of the best in his career. His 145 return yards allowed would be the lowest in his career; his net yards per punt are the third highest; and his percentage of punts inside the 20 is the second highest (45.5%).

And there's a reason why Way is so good at flipping the field: he has so many tools at his disposal.

"I think it's very important to have kickers that are reliable, that you can trust, that you wanna throw out there and have them do their thing," Rivera said.

And if you need more examples, just look at one of the punts he had against the Atlanta Falcons, when Way's 45-yard punt in the third quarter hit the Falcons' 5-yard line with almost no roll. The Falcons' ensuing drive resulted in a three-and-out.

"So I'm not gonna lie; in pregame warmups, I hit a couple, and it would just kind of spin kinda of fast because the grass was really wet," Way told The Washington Post's Nicki Jhabvala. "And it's like, 'All right, I might be on to something.' So, Jeremy Reaves comes over to me and say, 'Hey, are gonna flip this across the field?' And I go, 'Yeah, I think so.'"

There are plenty of players who have made important contributions to the Commanders' turnaround this season, but Way's name is among those who have been the most pivotal to that success. He has bailed out the offense on multiple occasions and made the defense's job much easier.

So, show some appreciation for Way and vote him to his second Pro Bowl. He is more than deserving of that recognition.

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