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Theismann: Lines Need to Be Addressed

Redskins great Joe Theismann weighed in on the team's draft prospects this week and pointed to offensive and defensive lines as need positions for the Redskins.

Theismann spoke with Larry Michael during an exclusive interview on Comcast SportsNet this week.

"I think defensive end and defensive tackle [positions] is where the team could be going [at No. 21], or offensive line," Theismann said. "At that point in the first round, that pick would be economical and it would make sense because it fills a void on defense and it fills a depth need on offense."

The Redskins could use a younger defensive end to groom behind 12-year veteran Phillip Daniels or a defensive tackle that has pass-rushing ability.

Theismann pointed to the Redskins' aging offensive line. The youngest of the prospective starters is left tackle Chris Samuels, who turns 31 in July, and the oldest is left guard Pete Kendall, who turns 35 in July.

"Randy [Thomas] is not the youngest guy anymore and Jon [Jansen]'s health is in question [due to an ankle injury last year]," Theismann said. "So you have questions on the offensive line."

What about wide receiver?

"I think the Redskins have a need at wide receiver--somebody with a big body," Theismann said.

The draft is full of wide receivers that have height and range, including Limas Sweed of Texas, Malcolm Kelly of Oklahoma, James Hardy of Indiana and Devin Thomas of Michigan State.

Theismann isn't sure the wide receiver crop is worthy of the 21st overall pick.

"Wide receiver is a need, but the likelihood of [taking one at No. 21] doesn't make sense," he said.

Theismann doesn't expect the Redskins to trade up in the draft, either.

"I don't see them giving up draft picks because there isn't that player out there that you've got to have," he said.

Theismann is not affiliated with any media organization at the moment. He said he will be part of three television broadcasts for Redskins preseason games this August.

For now, he continues to spend his days immersed in football. He has been studying up on draft prospects and staying up to speed on NFL teams.

"I'm a football junkie," he said.

Asked his thoughts on the Redskins' hiring of Jim Zorn, Theismann replied: "Jim is an extremely knowledgeable football guy. He has paid his dues and gone through the ranks. And I think the Redskins football team needed an infusion of youth.

"Joe Gibbs did exactly what we wanted him to do as Redskins fans: he brought back professionalism and pride to this organization. Now all of a sudden it's an opportunity for a young energy.

"The staff has had some change. The offense will be different. We found out there were some inadequacies of what we were able to do offensively and I think there will be a broader scope.

"Defensively, there's stability with Greg Blache taking over for Gregg Williams at [defensive coordinator]. They're both fabulous at what they do and the talent level is there.

"I expect this football team to be competitive and at least make the playoffs."

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