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Thomas Aims to Return, Plans to Help Rinehart


Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas walked side by side in the Redskins Park locker room, slipping past the media.

"Go talk to 'em," Samuels said. "You're still part of this team."

Thomas underwent triceps surgery on his right arm last week after suffering the injury in Week 2 vs. St. Louis.

It was a crushing blow for Thomas.

"It's a process of rehab once again," he said. "That's the most difficult part of it. The timing was hard to take. It's what you have to deal with--not being able to be out there with the guys, going through what they're going through and not being able to do anything about it."

Thomas, an 11-year veteran, turns 34 in January 2010.

Given his age, Thomas was asked if he thought he had played in his last NFL game.

"I've never had that thought in my mind," he replied. "I don't get into whatever happens. That's life. Mentally, in my mind, I'm never giving up until I say enough is enough."

Thomas has had two previous surgeries on his left triceps, so he understands the rehab process and what it takes to return from the injury.

Meantime, Thomas plans to help second-year lineman Chad Rinehart, who has taken over at right guard.

"I can teach him just what I know as a pro, the type of techniques, what I know about a guy he's facing," Thomas said. "I can be another set of eyes, compared to one set of eyes, Joe Bugel's eyes."

How did Rinehart measure up in his first NFL start last Sunday in Detroit?

"He did a pretty good job, first game starting in the NFL," Thomas said. "Here and there, he could have had a better game, but that's growing pains."

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