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Thomas: 'It'll be a Motivating Offseason'

Randy Thomas turned in a solid season at right guard, earning The Quarterback Club Redskins Player of the Year honor and the Ed Block Courage Award, given to the player who has persevered to come back from injury. Thomas spoke with reporters after the season:

Q: It is often said that the effort of this team is never in question, but how can you explain how things turned out so badly if the team always gave full effort?

A: "It comes down to this: when it's time to make a play, we have to make it. If it's a block, you have to make the block. If it's a catch, you have to make the catch. If it's a throw, you have to make the throw. It isn't just one individual--it's all across the board. We aren't making enough plays."

Q: How important is it to re-sign [pending free agent] Derrick Dockery next year for the continuity of the team?

A: "Derrick is an amazing, up-and-coming talent and when you have a young guy who performs the way he's performing, you have to find a way to keep him."

Q: Do you believe the core of this team is here to be a winning organization, and is this a retool or rebuild offseason?

A: "We show great potential but then we show signs of bad play, and we have to find a way to just be consistent for four quarters of football. The core is here and we have leaders, but the ball isn't bouncing our way and we aren't making enough plays."

Q: Do you think there will be some point in the offseason when you will have time to reflect on the season?

A: "It isn't something that I thought would happen, but the reality is that we were 5-11. This is going to be hard, but it will be a very motivating offseason to get back on the field and make sure we improve."

Q: What did you learn about Jason Campbell in the seven games that he started at quarterback this season?

A: "Well he got shaken up in the second quarter [of Saturday's 34-28 loss to the Giants] and he came back in the game to play well. That shows his toughness. He could have just sat down and said the season is over, but he has fight in him."

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