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Thomas: Off-season Rehab Was 'Challenge'

Right guard Randy Thomas is coming off of a fractured fibula injury suffered in Week 15 last season. After a challenging rehab, Thomas is looking forward to returning to action in 2006. He spoke with and media after a recent training camp practice:

Q: How have you recovered from last season's surgery on your leg?

A: "Of course, it's been a long process, but every day I feel better and better. You just have to work through some soreness. Some guys are different, some guys take rest to heal, but I like to be out there [at practice] with my guys."

Q: What was the offseason like during rehab?

A: "By far, it was the hardest offseason for me. There were some real challenges. But like I've always said, 'You go through hard things to get better things.' Hopefully, it's made me better this year."

Q: Given the training camp injury to Jim Molinaro, how comfortable are you with the depth on the offensive line?

A: "The main thing is for the starting five to stay healthy and just keep getting better. If I worry about guys getting hurt, then I'll be in the injury mindset. I don't want to be thinking about who is hurt or who is behind me. As long as we're performing the best we can, [depth] is the least of my concerns."

Q: How does this offensive line stack up to the others you have been a part of?

A: "I think by far this is the best one. But you just can't predict what we can do right now because we haven't been out there playing this year. We're together right now and that's all I can say about it. I don't want to toot our own horn."

Q: Do you feel like Sunday night's preseason game at Cincinnati will be his first real test of the summer?

A: "With Griff [Cornelius Griffin], Joe Salave'a and all of those guys working me in practice, if I don't get work from that, then I'm fooling myself. It isn't going to be just Sunday [in Cincinnati]--it's been every day this week and last week in training camp. But when the whistle blows on Sunday, I agree it will be a different atmosphere."

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