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Thomas Training Camp Media Session

On having to leave practice Thursday morning due to a hamstring injury:

"It was just a little pull, and I am just taking it easy right now trying to get the diagnosis. I think I will be alright and will be back running pretty soon."

On his thoughts when he got injured:
"It just felt like a cramp or a really bad spasm. I feel pretty good though. I am going to continue getting treatment and I will be fine in a few days."

On when he thinks he will return to action:
"They want me to take it easy right now. They want to make sure I am feeling alright before I get running again."

On how the injury impacts his role in the offense:
"It was a disappointment because I started feeling like I was getting comfortable with everything. It is just something that will slow me down right now, but I feel like I will get back in there by getting treatment."

On potentially missing the Hall of Fame Game:
"It would be disappointing [to miss the Hall of Fame Game], but I feel like I will be back in time. I am just going to keep working hard and getting treatment. I feel like I will be better pretty soon."

On how the injury happened:
"I was running a route with the ball in the air and my leg locked up on me like a cramp. I couldn't really put any pressure on it. I went inside to relax it and it feels a lot better."

On if the injury could affect his speed:
"I am a trooper and am going to keep fighting through it. It is not going to bother me too much."

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