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Three Who Impressed At Mini-Camp

It's not often that a coach will publicly single out a player who has elevated his play during mini-camp. Press them, though, and you can sometimes find out who made an impression during the three-day, full-squad camp.

During their respective media sessions, Joe Gibbs, Al Saunders and Gregg Williams each cited a player who raised eyebrows with their play in the mini-camp.

Joe Gibbs on WR David Patten

"David has looked good [in mini-camp], I'll tell you that. He was roaring out there. I think that he's taken to the competition [at wide receiver]. I love his attitude. I called him after we had acquired Antwaan Randle El and Brandon Lloyd and he was great about it. All he wants to know is if we're going to play the best guy. I've told him, 'Yes.'

"He talks to me all the time about when he played in New England. They had four wide receivers up there that were similar in talent and skill, and they were a great part of the team. Nobody was selfish, worried about things. They just wanted to play. David has that attitude. He's a great person.

"Last year, he was a good example of what happened to us because I think he played for about four weeks with a meniscus [knee injury] that was bothering him. Finally, after the regular season, he came to us and said there was something that needed to be fixed. Certainly now he looks totally different than he did in those last three or four weeks that he was playing."

Gregg Williams on DB Reed Doughty

"When he first got here [after the NFL Draft], his head was swimming. He is a guy that over-analyzes everything. He is very bright and he is extremely prideful. He can't stand making a mistake. He has been an over-achiever his whole life.

"The thing he is going to have to do in training camp, because he has really impressed us, is slow his heartbeat down. He wants it so bad that sometimes he gets the paralysis of over-analyzing things.

"I will tell you this: In the last 7-10 days, he has made some great strides. Once the pads go on, I see him as a [defensive back] who will be better than he is without the pads."

Al Saunders on RB Ladell Betts

"The guy who has had an outstanding camp, and it's not a surprise to me because I watched him play in high school, is No. 46. He's an outstanding football player. I don't know that people realize what a quality player he is. He's a three-dimensional player: he can run the ball well and he puts it in the right place, he catches the ball well and he can block well enough for our offense to be very successful.

"Clinton Portis is one of the most dominant running backs in the National Football League. So having someone like Ladell has been a great plus for me. I knew he was good, but I didn't realize he was as good as he is. We haven't been in pads yet, but I would think that he is going to make a tremendous contribution this year. He has been a delight to be around."

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