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Top 10 Quotes | A closer look at Heinicke's strides

Taylor Heinicke drops back for a pass during the Washington Football Team's practice on Dec. 8, 2021. (Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team)
Taylor Heinicke drops back for a pass during the Washington Football Team's practice on Dec. 8, 2021. (Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team)

The Washington Football Team begins is five-game division stretch with a home matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. Here are some of the top quotes from the week, presented by GEICO.

Scott Turner on what improvements he has seen from Antonio Gibson since the bye:
"You've seen glimpses of it throughout the season, and he's really coming into his own as far as just playing with the physicality that you look for in a 230 pound plus back. He's making himself hard to tackle. He runs hard. I mean, those smaller guys, it takes a toll on them and especially the amount of carries that we're adding up over the course of these games and being able to play with the lead and all that kind of stuff. So, that physical aspect has been really good and just consistently running like that. There's been glimpses of it, but really that's becoming who he is, which is great to see."

Ken Zampese on where he has taken the biggest strides from Taylor Heinicke and where he needs to work:
"There's a lot less up and downs. A bad play happens and we bounce back mentally. Doesn't mean we're gonna score the next time, but you bounce back mentally where you process the next play. You don't let it linger and we're on to the next and on to the next. He's done a really nice job of keeping things where they're supposed to be. Taking, then learning from it to provide fuel, to be better the next time, but not let it linger. What drags your confidence down for the next time either there's a balance there. He does a good job with that."

Taylor Heinicke on his experience on "The Blitz" on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Brett Favre:
"It was really cool. He's the sole reason I started playing football. Just watching him, the passion, the fun he had for the game. It was really cool just to kind of sit in front of that computer scream and talk to him face to face. It was a dream come true and hope I get to meet him in person someday."

Scott Turner on the Dallas Cowboys offense:  
"Yeah, we've played some really good offenses. This is another one. It's a challenge, obviously. They're very talented. They've got a big offensive line, got a real capable quarterback, two (running) backs and skill people. Really tremendous skill people. It's a big challenge. They're putting up some big numbers and it's up to us to get them slowed down, give our team a chance to win."

Ron Rivera on Jonathan Allen being Washington's Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year nominee:
"The Walter Payton Man of the Year honor holds a special place in my heart. As a former teammate and friend of Walter Payton, I know how big of an honor being the team nominee is. I am proud of Jonathan for continuing his commitment to giving back to our community and focusing in on an area of giving back that directly impacted his life as a child. During my time with the Bears, Walter was a leader, friend and most importantly a servant in the community. Jonathan shares these same characteristics, and it is because of that, that he is the perfect selection for this prestigious honor."

Ron Rivera on the final stretch of games in the NFC East:
"We're at the part where we control it. I mean, for ourselves, for us, what's gonna happen to, to the Washington Football Team is now you in our hands. We go out and play the way we're capable of. We give ourselves a chance and that's where we wanted to be. That's one of the things we talked about when the schedule first came out, because you can get to this point and you have a chance. You have an opportunity now you've gotta make the best of it."

Taylor Heinicke on the trust he has for Adam Humphries:
"He's a veteran player and he's seen it all and he's a really good receiver. So I have a lot of confidence in him and we kind of put him on some routes where he can kind of do his own thing and get open. With a guy like that, he's really shifty, he's fast and he understands defenses, so he kind of finds that soft spot. I have a lot of confidence in him and he's, he's proven throughout the whole year that he can get the job done. He's a good player for us and we'll continue to try and target him."

Ken Zampese on Heinicke's strength with play-action:  
"Well, there's a lot of things that go into that. You wanna be sit there in a pass pass game, we've got guys that deserve the ball as well. Being balanced in how you go about that, it really poses a threat to the defense when you can do both effectively. He's a good play action player because he can see the field very well. And it also opens up the rush lanes for him in the protection when he needs to take off and go. It's a big threat to the defense that way because he can run like crazy, but he also throws the ball down the field pretty good. So it plays into our hands that way. We've got some guys we really want to get the football too, running wise and we wanna let our o-line eat a little bit and lean on people. That's always good to help against the pass rushers that we're seeing."

Ron Rivera on the passing of Former Denver Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas:
"It was just sad to hear. Very unfortunate set of circumstances, we keep him and his family and our thoughts and prayers."

Scott Turner on if there is anything different he sees in Taylor Heinicke at this point in the season:
"I think just understanding the grind of it, the week in and week out and just to take it one play at a time and not get too overwhelmed when it's good or when it's bad. And just the resiliency that he brings, and that really is shown over this win streak. if something bad happens, we can push through it and we can fight through the adversity. I think he's continuing to become a better and better decision maker. And I think it's just from experience of seeing different things and some of his leadership's coming out too, because he's getting more comfortable playing with the guys around him."

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