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Top 10 Quotes: The one-two punch of Aaron Jones, Davante Adams


The Washington Football Team is taking a trip to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers. Here are some of the top quotes from the week, presented by GEICO.

Chris Harris on Kamren Curl:
"He's a defensive back. He's kind of a jack of all trades. He's not just this or just that. He has a unique skillset to where, 'okay, he can go out there and cover a receiver. If you need them to cover a tight end, he could go in there and play nickel. He can play back deep. So he has a very unique skillset. I think he's been doing a tremendous job for us over the last year and a half."

Ron Rivera on having quality depth on the offensive line:
"It makes you feel very, very good. [T Cornelius] Lucas was going to compete with [T Sam] Cosmi during training camp and unfortunately he ended up on the COVID list. But knowing that he had done it before you feel very, very comfortable. When you look at [G] Wes [Schweitzer] and you know who Wes is, a very stout, physical player, you feel very, very comfortable with him because he mimics a lot of things that Scherff does. I mean, he's a very good football player, so we feel very good about having guys like that around us as primary key backups."

The Washington Football Team finishes its week of practice leading up to a road matchup with the Green Bay Packers in Week 7. (Photos by Karlee Sell/Washington Football Team)

Scott Turner on what makes Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers so special:
"I was I guess unfortunate to play against him for three years in the division when I coached at Minnesota. He can always make a play, he always keeps it alive. I mean, his ability to throw the ball with really not a lot of space and his body doesn't have to be pointing in that direction. He can generate a lot of power. Just kind of real twitchy up top. He sees it well, he gives his guys a chance and he's got uncanny accuracy and obviously a lot of confidence rightfully so in his ability. So, he makes a lot of tough throws in a lot of tough situations and that's the biggest thing with him is just that the play is never dead. He can always make plays late in the down, really better than many guys that have ever played."

Jack Del Rio on Packers Davante Adams:
"Really gifted receiver. He and [QB Aaron] Rodgers are on the same page. You see the way they work. He's targeted a lot and it'd be a big challenge for us. He's one of the elite players in the league and you see him every week. I mean, people, they come in different shapes and sizes and different names, but the best of the best and he's really gifted."

Taylor Heinicke on how much he thinks of his father:
"I think about him usually every day, but more so on game day, when the National Anthem is going. I really start thinking about all the people that have helped me get to this point and they have kind of molded me into the person I am today. He's the first one I think about. Whether it's him, my mom, you know, my best friends, trainers, coaches, stuff like that. I think about them all. And I go out there and play for them. This week obviously more so, being in Lambeau Field against Green Bay. It might get a little emotional there at the beginning but again, I'm just excited for this opportunity."

Ron Rivera on being what your record says you are but also on the importance of playing a style of football that is competitive in growing a team:
"Yes, it does. To me, it really does. As long as we are showing progress heading in the right types of directions, doing the things that we need to you feel good about that. Sometimes you come out of a game and you feel like, 'Man, we just really did not do the things we're capable of.' And that can be very, very frustrating. It's very frustrating to lose period. But if you're going to lose and not be as frustrated, you want to make sure you're playing hard, you're giving great effort and you're limiting your mental, silly mistakes. That to me is growth."

Jack Del Rio on Packers RB Aaron Jones:
"He does present challenges. I think he's a dynamic runner, a slasher, really runs behind his pads, finds the hole, exceptional vision. I think he's a really talented back. I think he's one of the top backs in the league. That's kind of the one-two punch that they present with him running the ball and their RPOs, and then Adams is spectacular."

Scott Turner on if they have told Taylor Heinicke not to scramble as much or if teams are trying to limit that as part of their defensive gameplans:
"No, I don't have any issue with him running. I mean, those opportunities, they come, but we're not really calling a lot of runs for him. It's more of his runs really come on scrambles and they did a nice job of really just containing him with their rushes. I think it's very similar to what we saw in the Giants game earlier, just kind of the way they rushed, the way they rushed him. So that just didn't give him the opportunity. We called some nakeds and got him on the edge on a couple of things, but as far as just the scrambles and him finding rush lanes and stepping up and taking off, they did a nice job of really kind of taking those away."

Chris Harris n the impact of versatility:
"He's extremely intelligent. He's a very sharp, he's just got football smarts. He's a very savvy player to be as young as he is. He's extremely savvy. And he has the mental capability to be able to bounce from a nickel. And then the very next play go to dime. And then the very next play go to strong safety. Then the very next play slide over the free safety. So he has an ability that a lot of players can't do. He has that capability, which I think creates so much value for them when you have a player like that."

Ron Rivera on his relationship with fellow University of California alum and Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers:
"Well, it is a common bond and connection and I've always been a fan. I mean there's times where he played at Cal and I watched the good things that he did with the university and followed some of the things that he's done in terms of his giving back to the university. Then unfortunately having to coach against him as many times as I've had. He's such an iconic figure up in Green Bay now. He's one of those guys that obviously is a Hall of Famer in waiting. I've enjoyed my conversations and being around him. He really is a solid dude."

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