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Top 10 Quotes | Heading to the city of brotherly love


The Washington Football Team is heading back on the road for a division matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are some of the top quotes from the week, presented by GEICO.

Ron Rivera on going through a practice with so many players out:  
"Well, you practice. We have guys that are on our practice squad. We have guys that we've brought in and we started working with them. We were fortunate. We brought a guy back that had been in the system last year with us. We feel pretty good about it. We have another young man we brought in, guy that we're familiar with. So we feel pretty good about that as well. We'll just continue to work and practice and get ourselves ready. We'll show up on Sunday and see what happens."

Scott Turner on preparing for Sunday with the lineup in flux:  
"The first thing we gotta do is just as the week goes on, keep trying to understand exactly who it is we got. Then you gotta put a game plan in that fits their skills. Obviously, it's a challenging situation. This game is coming Sunday, no excuses in the NFL. We just gotta get our guys ready to play. Our guys gotta do a great job of being flexible. Some guys might have to move around a little bit and play some multiple spots. They gotta be diligent in their work habits going through the week and then gotta go give it our best."

Jack Del Rio on what Jeremy Reaves can bring to the game:
"Jeremy is a pro. He's been on point; he's been anxious all year. I was joking with him last week. I said, don't be following [S] Landon [Collins] and trying to trip him or something to make sure you give yourself a chance to play. So he's excited about the opportunity to get on the field wherever it is, special teams, defense, any way he can help us, he's all in and I love the way he prepares. He's bright and he gives great effort. So, yeah, we would welcome him back, in any role that needs to be played."

*Jeremy Reaves on getting another opportunity against the Eagles: *"The passion, the energy, the fuel, it's always been there. Now, you just get the opportunity to go do it. You just do what you've always done."

Jack Del Rio on Shaka Toney:
"We thought enough of him to draft him. He's somebody that late in the draft that stood out to me to have a chance to develop and become a really good player for us. So, he's a work in progress. He's a young player. He's learning when things are certain, and he goes hard. He can be impactful. We just need that to be more often, more consistent. And that's like most young players. Happy to have him, happy to be working with him. And I think he's improved as we've gone through the year."

Shaka Toney on getting playing time early in his career:
"If your number's called, you gotta step up. This is football. Everybody wants an opportunity … you gotta take it, you gotta maximize that moment."

Scott Turner on the challenges of putting together a game plan this week:
"We put in a different variety of things. Then based on who's there, some stuff you'll be able to use and some stuff you won't. Like I said, you cross train some different guys to be able to do a few different things. There's a little bit of flexibility there. Then it's just gotta be an ever-changing document that goes all the way up until the game starts on Sunday or until that last test comes in."

Ron Rivera on balancing having a positive mindset with correcting mistakes:
"There were some little detail things that when you really look at them, really just kind of connect the dots, you see it. It's something most certainly that is correctable. Still disappointing because on the other end, if we had made those plays, they could've been good plays for us. They really could have. It was on both sides. Actually, all three phases. We had a couple kick returns that man, if we seal a guy and then block another guy, DeAndre's [Carter] out the door. It comes down to just those little detail things. We had some new guys in some spots, but we try to coach them up and we gotta give them opportunities. We're that close in spite of the fact that we've had to plug in a few different guys."

Scott Turner on how much the game plan is affected this week:  
"I mean, quite a bit. It's a combination. We haven't had much of this, but when your team is relatively healthy and you got the same guys week in and week out, you know your players strengths, you know what you're gonna have. So then really just matching that to the scheme of the defense or the different player weaknesses or strengths that you're gonna see from the opponent. But then when your team changes, it just adds another layer to it. It's a combination of all those things."

Ron Rivera on if they were taking steps prior to this outbreak to prepare for something like this potentially happening:
"One of the things that we really did pay attention to and tried to make sure we had the quality depth was on the offensive and defensive line. Unfortunately it looked like our defensive line took a pretty good hit right now. We'll see how everything unfolds going into the week, but we really tried to be conscious of it because we know that if you can protect your linebackers, if you can be stout up front, and you protect your quarterback, you give yourself a chance to play football games and win. That's what one of the things that we did on purpose was we really went after offensive line and defensive line depth. Not imagining that something like this would come about, but something not quite to this magnitude. This is what's happened."

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